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After Summer, it's Back to school

Hi everyone! Ok, so "back to school" might not apply to some of us... But even for us who are done with school, at least for a while, the end of summer might still remind us of going back... Also in the case of a much obliged summer break, our return with new ideas and inspiration.

It's the time for new beginnings.. Making new friends, and new experiences... So, in honor of this time of year, we created a couple of new collections (and some that are still in the works) while we were on our creative summer break... Let us now present to you (drumroll!) The New 54 bead convertible mala necklace collection, and our new thin fine faceted gemstone super cool bracelets, that are perfect for layering!


The "54 bead convertible mala necklaces" can be worn as necklaces, and they double as wrap bracelets too! (Patent Pending) They are stringed on high-tec elastic cording, and they are available in several cool colors. A 54 bead mala, is a half mala, if counted twice during meditation, it completes the 108 beads needed for a complete mala. Awesome for those just wanting to wear something cool too!

Our super cool fine faceted bracelets, add a luxurious touch for those who are minimalist in their jewelry, and they are also perfect for layering with all kinds of bracelets!


 A pic we took this summer in Cassis, which was our inspirational backdrop to our most recent collections.


Thank you so much for your continued love and support! Till next time!

Love and Light,




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