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Lovepray jewelry at Soho Yoga Trunkshow

It was a Thursday, of rushing out orders, and running around the office getting stuff done. When I got a call, from the nicest girl, telling me that they were having a Kundalini workshop, and that their mala supplier had canceled, and if I would be interested to go in her place… to a studio in Hermosa, CA, about a 4 hour drive from where I was at, on Saturday at 7:30am … yeah, 7:30 am…. It was something that my natural self, would have said no to, without hesitation, myself, that self-loving sassy little elf inside of me, would have said no. But it was so impractical… and unknown… that I said yes. And so I went…

As you all know, blog posts like this are not common… I like to make jewelry and keep to myself… But I just had to share this. I had the most wonderful time. Everyone was nice. And I mean everyone. In my line of work, I have visited my fair share of really awesome yoga studios, and I need to tell you that this one has been one of my favorites. It’s hard to write about vibes, it’s like a “you had to be there thing”, but their vibe is awesome. They have little signs everywhere for everything, it’s perfect, for people who are a little apprehensive about starting yoga, and feel that they will have to ask a lot of questions, they have little signs, it’s like they invisibly take you by the hand, every step of the way…

There is so much detail in how they do things, that I think that I learned from them, to be better. We can always be better. They add essential oils to their cold towels (that they keep in the fridge), for when you finish your hot yoga class, and wait for it… they add a different oil each week… Just the fact that they add oil… And so I learn, you can always do more, you can always give more, and you can always love more what you do and the people who support you.

In conclusion, sometimes it’s good just to let ourselves go, and give ourselves, and our efforts to others, for no reason at all. I had a blast, and I learned. I left with joy in my heart, what more could I ask for! So feel free to contact us if you wish to schedule a trunk show in your area (we are doing just SoCal for now) cause, you know, we're now open to it!




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