JazzReggae Weekend!

May 30, 2013

Memorial Day's weekend break took Lovepray on a journey to the lands of Jazz and Reggae at UCLA's 27th annual JazzReggae Festival.


 We got there on Saturday night, set up our booth on Sunday at 7 am! (we early birds got the worm!) and at 11 the show began. Tons of people came to meet us and see our stuff, everybody tried something on and we were so happy. We took turns to go look around other booths and checked out the other vendors' amazing stuff! All the while with cool music playing in the background, Santigold was the headliner for Sunday's show, (as a fan that I am, had to make my way on to the stage to dance with her... one of my personal highlights of the event.... ) and Ziggy Marley was for Monday's show. 


As for the event, we were marveled at the green initiative put on by the UCLA Jazz Raggae staff... A refillable water station, plenty of trash cans, to separate the trash, and lots of rules to avoid tons of trash flying around (like no plastic bags). It feels good to be part of a green festival, keep up the good work guys!


We finished packing our things on Monday evening and set sail to come back home...


We discovered new ways for our headbands to be used:

to hold your hat from the wind...

and that boys can also wear them!

We were proud to debut our hand pieces:


Overall it was a great experience we hope to repeat and we met so many cool people some of which we might even collaborate with! We are so excited about that! (we'll keep you posted)

That's all for now, have an awesome weekend!

-Ana at Lovepray :)


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