The nicest email ever!

October 23, 2013

Hi everyone!

Hope that you're doing awesome, just wanted to share with you the NICEST email we have ever received, ever... We would like to thank the wonderful human being  who wrote it, for taking the time to bring joy to our hearts. Its hard to do everything right... we are human... 

That's why it's so incredibly rewarding whenever we have a happy customer that takes the time to thank us.... We are feeling so much love right now, and we'd like to share this email with you!

Hello everyone at LovePray,

I wanted to send you all the MOST WONDERFUL thankyou. I received my order in the mail yesterday....I was anticipating my new jewelry, I was so excited to open the package and when I did I was taken know the old fashioned way. The way you feel when you open up mail that you know is going to warm your heart.

When I pulled out the tissue paper (lovely colours) and unraveled to find the boxes inside...not only with a beautiful bow but with my personal name on each one (WOW) and of course the hand written thank you for purchasing from LovePray

The package was dressed as warm as I felt when opening something that appeared to mean just as much to me as it did to the person sending it to me. This really took me by surprise.

Your company not only took my purchase order and fired it out in the mail they took the time to detail it, personalize it and give it more meaning. I wilI proudly wear LovePray and tell everyone how much I LOVE what I bought and for how they made me feel when buying it!

 You just don't always get that kind of service with a warm smile too much these days and it's so nice to see that all of you still believe in gratitude and happiness.

Who ever packed my package please thank them because when they did they must have been smiling and full of happiness while they put it together and when they sealed it they left some of that inside.

When I opened it it was as if it just burst through the envelope and greeted me when with a warm feeling as smiled and how beautiful everything looked! (like a gift was sent just for ME!)  So nice to not feel so RANDOM.

Thank you So Much for you kindness and uplifting customer service!

You really did take the time to make me feel special if only for a moment, a moment that wont be forgotten.

Extremely happy Customer and busy mom who loves and is inspired by the tree of life!

 Shannon Smith

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