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Valentine's Day Jewelry Collection

Valentine's Day Jewelry Collection

Our Valentines's Day jewelry collection is made with gemstones known to help bring and keep love.

jewelry for love collection
Our favorite kind of Valentine's Day jewelry is jewelry for self love. Self love comes from many factors, but there are gemstones known to help the wearer feel self love due to their soothing properties. Rose quartz and amethyst are these gemstones. Their healing, soothing energy brings calm, and gives the wearer a sense of well being. Its easy to leave our selves for last, but this gemstones remind us that we need to feel OK first in order to give.

 rose quartz and amethyst mala necklacesSoothing Rose Quartz and Healing Amethyst knotted Mala Necklace


Then there is jewelry said to bring and stimulate passionate love, as some would say love love. The known gemstones for this are red jasper and garnet. This type of love jewelry is fun, since it comes in rich red colors, that also stimulates the root chakra and give us energy.


garnet bracelet

Garnet and Larvakite bracelet, for Love and Serendipity

And last but not least, lets not forget Heart Chakra jewelry. This type of jewelry helps us stay focused on our heart. The Heart chakra is our ability to love, its connected to our heart. When we are very busy, tired and have lots of things going on, our Heart Chakra may close. And we loose touch with our friends or depth in our connection with people we love. When we wear Heart chakra jewelry, we are reminded to think of our heart, to allow ourselves to feel our love, for ourselves, and for those around us.

heart chakra bracelet

Heart Chakra jewelry







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