Wrap 108 Bead Mala Bracelets

Grey Agate, Green Amazonite, and Garnet "Love and Calm" Yoga Mala Beads

Beautiful mala beads, with 108 beads, made with smooth grey agate, rich green amazonite, faceted Botswana agate and a garnet guru bead.

It will wrap as a Bracelet(its made with our signature hitec elastic, and comes in different sizes), and it also doubles as a mid length mala necklace...

Gray Agate is a very grounding stone, that balances ying and yang energies and helps build self-confidence, spiritual growth and inner stability.

Green Amazonite is a stone directly linked to the Heart chakra, which represents our ability to love.

Garnet is know for being an aid in the utilization of creative energy. It synchronizes the inner creative energy with the external representation of the same. It is also know as a stone for love, attracting and keeping love in one's life.

  • bead size: 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm guru bead.
  • the mala will wrap around to the following wrist sizes:
  • SMALL: 6.25 inches/ 16.5cm
  • MEDIUM: 7.25 inches/ 19cm
  • LARGE: 8 inches/ 20 cm
  • custom sizing:  let us know your size on the notes box upon checkout.

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