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Strength and Prosperity, Golden Obsidian and Tigers Eye 27 Bead Wrist Mala Bracelet

Unisex golden obsidian and Tigers eye 27 bead wrist mala bracelet. Unisex style, great on men and women alike!

Obsidian is volcanic lava cooled quickly. It is natural glass. A stone of protection and strength, is was one the first stones to be used for arrowheads and knives. Obsidian will bring out the Warrior spirit in you. 

Tiger's Eye is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. Tiger's eye is also a very protective stone, especially during travel. It can also help one see clearly without illusion.

  • bead size: 8mm
  • Choose size according to wrist size, this is a wrap Braceletit wraps once:
  • SMALL: 6.25 inches/ 16 cm
  • MEDIUM: 7.25 inches/ 19cm
  • LARGE: 8 inches/ 20 cm
  • CUSTOM SIZING:  Please remember to let us know your size on the notes box upon checkout.

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