Aromatherapy Mala Bracelets

Amazonite and Smoky Quartz Aromatherapy Mala Bracelet

Aromatherapy mala bracelet, made with Amazonite, Smoky Quartz and lava rock. Wear this Essential Oil Bracelet and Diffuse your favorite essential oils in style! Add a drop of your favorite essential oil on the lava rock and your bracelet will carry the scent with you all day.
This bracelet contains 27 beads, so its a mala bracelet, and it may also be used for meditation. Stringed on our signature hitec elastic, it is worn as a wrap bracelet. 
Browse our complete collection of aromatherapy wrist malas, they look great stacked together!
Amazonite: brings positivism into one's life and is linked to the Throat chakra and assisting the wearer in finding his or her truth and expressing it.

Smoky Quartz: dispels negative energy and improves confidence, leadership and communication.

Lava stone comes from cooled lava, as it comes from the center of the earth, it is a strong grounding stone, that gives energy and strength.

  • bead size: 8mm
  • the mala will wrap around to the following wrist sizes:
  • SMALL: 6.5 inches/ 16.5cm
  • MEDIUM: 7.25 inches/ 19cm
  • LARGE: 8 inches/ 20 cm

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