Mala Chokers

Lepidolite and Labradorite Mala Choker or Wrap Bracelet

Boho chic, luxurious mala choker made with Lepidolite, African turquoise and Labradorite, with a hand made Tibetan center bead. It contains 27 beads so its a mala, and it can be worn as a choker, a short necklace, or a wrap bracelet.

Lepidolite has calming properties, as it contains small traces of Lithium, it is known to have soothing properties.

African Turquoise, is a type of jasper which represents knowledge, and divine guidance in our communication.

Labradorite is said to strengthen intuitions, stimulate imagination, develop enthusiasm, create new ideas and goals, and it helps overcome depression

  • size of round beads: 8 mm
  • one size

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