10,000 facebook fans!

Hi everyone, hope you're having a great President's Day weekend, and that you're having a great time. We wanted to share our joy with you, of reaching the milestone of 10,000 Facebook fans! I personally want to thank you for your support, and for deciding to like us! Our shop will be on sale all this week, ending on Feb. 22nd, 2014. Everything is reduced by 10% no coupon required! 
you may click on this pic to check out our Facebook, and LIKE in case you haven't and would like to receive our news and inspirational quotes!
Shop our newest additions! We just added some really cool beaded necklaces, that happen to have 108 beads and a marker bead each 27 beads, so they are also mala necklaces, stringed on sturdy stainless steel for durability.
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