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5 Reasons to Get Yourself an Essential Oil Bracelet

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Wellness and happiness is what we all want. Our beautiful Essential Oil bracelets can bring you closer. 

1. It's Like Wearing an Essential Oil Diffuser

Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on the porous lava in your essential oil bracelet, and carry the scent and its aromatherapy benefits with you! Without having to plug it into the wall!

2. Gemstones Improve our Mood

Gemstones are known to help improve the mood of the wearer. Our essential oil bracelets are made with genuine gemstones. Smile every time you look at your bracelets, at the beautiful reflection and energy that only real gemstone jewelry can give. 

3. About Those Aromatherapy Benefits

The use of essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy have been known to exist for centuries, and recent studies have shown that these benefits are very much real. 

Sleep: Lavender is known to help the wearer sleep.

Anxiety: Several essential oils are known to help the wearer with anxiety, and achieve calm.
Insects: Adding citronella and eucalyptus oils to your diffuser bracelet will help keep insects away.

Hundreds of books about essential oils have been written where you can find an oil to help you with what you are looking for. 

4. Gemstones + Essential Oils Double Power Your Intentions

Every gemstone has its meaning. This is why gemstones are used to set intentions. Essential oils are more personalized, every oil can have a different meaning of each of us, so wear the oil that you intuitively feel will power and remind you of your intention. 

5. Lava Rock Enhances Essential Oils

Lava rock is the only stone that comes from the center of the Earth, so it is very grounding, and known for its protective energy. Your gemstone and lava rock bracelets also provide the benefits of lava to you everyday.

I gave this as a gift to my neighbor. She absolutely loves it. She even sleeps with on at night because she says she sleeps better at night using the lavender vanilla oil diffuses onto her bracelet.

Nancy H.

Essential Oil Bracelets Earthy Gemstones Combo_lovepray

Energize Your Day

Feel the breeze with the scent of your favorite essential oil to energize your day. On vacation or at the office, breathe into a spa feeling.

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Breathe Deep and Self Love

Treat yourself to the healing power of gemstones and the delicious aromatherapy qualities of essential oils.

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Essential Oil Bracelets Earthy Gemstones Combo_lovepray

Love my diffuser bracelet. Brings me joy just to look at much less the pleasure at the smell that it keeps from my oils.

Theresa M.

How to:

Pick your favorite essential oil and add a drop or two to the lava beads on your diffuser bracelet

how to apply oils to bracelets
how to use diffuser bracelets

The scent can last for hours or days depending on the essential oil you use on your bracelet. Just reapply as necessary!

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Essential oil bracelets for aromatherapy made with gemstones and lava stone

I absolutely love this beautiful rose quartz bracelet and carrying my favorite essential oil scents with me where ever I go! The quality is excellent, size fits perfect and fast shipping is a plus! I love Lovepray jewelry, and just keep coming back!

Rosemary T.

I was hesitant to buy a diffuser bracelet because I thought it might be too far from my nose to smell. Glad i gave it a try! The diffuser holds a scent so well that I can smell it clearly all day long. This is my new favorite bracelet!! Not only is it beautiful, it makes my day a little more enjoyable to be able to have my favorite scents with me 

Tara F.