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Lovepray jewelry, out and about, Spring 2013

Hello beautiful earthy boho yoga people!
With summer coming up, Lovepray's been receiving so many positive vibes we just can't stay put! So we've been out and about LA and these past couple of months have been filled with unique (yes, that is a keyword here) experiences. 
It all began on April the 20th, when we were blessed to have been invited to the Unique LA Vendor's Meeting. There we had the opportunity to meet very interesting and creative people, to learn what the inside of the Unique LA Show is all about, and to hear a very inspirational talk from it's founder Sonja Rasula
(that's Sonja, by the way).
So we left the Vendor's Meeting with our hearts feeling very full of motivation and ready for our next stop: the UPLIFT Yoga Rave.
Yes, it was as fun as it sounds! We knew nothing of what this event was going to be like, we were blown away...
For a whole night we were surrounded by beings overflowing with positive energy, with their positive vibes and their positive light and it was all about the chanting and love and peace of mind and mainly yoga, so much yoga. Imagine an amazing amount of people focused on one thing: inner peace. Imagine the power of positive thinking concentrated in one room! 
We just felt so at home there.
But like all good things, it came to an end. We felt so happy and satisfied to have been a part of a marvelous event and we can't wait to go back! (Hopefully we'll be invited).

On our way back home, we made a quick stop at Costa Mesa Yogaworks.

It was a fun trunk show to be a part of before getting ready for our next event.
And last but not least, we packed our bags after a week of creative preparation and headed out to LA yet again, this time for the actual Unique LA show. 
This is what our booth looked liked:
(Cute huh? we try, we try)
This show was so much fun! First of all, the successful debut of our dearly beloved headbands made our whole trip!. We were feeling a little shaky about them but all went well and the crowd accepted our new product with open arms. That was something to be glad about!
Over all the show went well with a lot of people visiting our booth and getting to know our precious jewelry. During the day we ran into a famous someone we weren't expecting to ever see up close! We even felt healthier just by looking at him!
That's right ladies and gentleman, to finish our trip with a flourish, we ran into Richard Simmons! Well, that was unexpected! 
So, to conclude this entry, we had a blast this past month and now we're getting ready for our next event: The Jazz Reggae Fest! (May 26th & 27th)
We're so excited to be there! (knowing that Santigold will headline!!) Can't wait!
We'll keep you posted ;)
-Ana at Lovepray.
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