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Memorial Day is Coming Up!

    What with Memorial Day around the corner, we take this opportunity to remind ourselves the real meaning behind this celebration. It's not just a 3 day weekend to party but also to take a little break from the everyday hubbub we sumerge in and pay a moments silence to respect our fallen heroes of war throughout the U.S. history.

    Lovepray does not support war in any way, but we are thankful for all those soldiers who went out there and risked their life so all of us could have what we have now. We're all about positive energy and this week ours is focused on those families affected, and hopefully our positive vibes joint with everybody elses will turn this into an easier date that celebrates the life of those who passed away.

    So to commemorate this day, Lovepray dresses in red white and blue with a pretty poppy bouquet and gets ready for you to benefit from out 25% off sale! We've been working on something special for you guys for quite some time and this weekend we finally unveil it! Our new stuff includes never before seen totally awesome new (did we already say new?) styles of 108 Gemstone Wrap Bracelets, Single Mala Gemstone Bracelets and much more!

Check out our newly updated WHAT'S NEW section! Come over Saturday (25th) through Monday (27th) and visit us here at to browse our new stuff. Coupon code is: Memorial25.

    Also, Lovepray's out and about didn't stop at our last entry, we pack our bags this weekend and head out yet again to beautiful (you know we love it) LA for the UCLA Jazz Reggae Festival. We'll have a booth there and it'd be lovely if you could come say hi! We'll be taking pics and uploading them to our instagram account so we'll have a little something to remember what we know will be an awesome day. We're so excited!!

    That's all for now, we'll keep you posted ;)

-Ana at Lovepray.

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