Strength and Truth, 108 Bead Turquoise and Ebony Necklace

Beautiful, elaborate and fine piece of jewelry, beaded on sturdy hitec nylon cord (non-stretch, non-fray), made with genuine ebony prayer beads, and genuine undyed green turquoise gemstones, with a beautiful hand made Tibetan pendant of Quan Yin. 108 beads, with marker beads on the 7th bead, and 6 turquoise beads on each side. 

Turquoise is associated with the 5th Chakra, located at the throat and it represents knowledge, and divine guidance. It is also an aide in communication, in synchronizing what we mean to say with what is actually said.  

Ebony is said to bring strength to the wearer. 

  • beads: 6mm
  • necklace part: 26 inches