Hemimorphite and Pyrite 'Communication and Strength' Mala Necklace

Beautiful genuine hemimorphite and pyrite gemstone mala necklace with a hand made solid brass Tibetan calendar pendant for good fortune. Ocean water colors in the beautiful hemimorphite made with 108 beads and a counter bead every 27 beads, stringed on very sturdy stainless steel thread for durability in wear and meditation. 

Boho- chic, high quality luxury and cool, will update any outfit.


Hemimorphite is linked to the Throat chakra and it is a stone of truth.

Pyrite: confidence

Pyrite's golden sparkle associates it with the sun, and the solar plexus chakra. It is an aid in fortifying and strengthening the mind. It brings confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion.


bead size: 6mm

necklace: 30 inches

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