Lepidolite and Green Amazonite 'Acceptance and Love' 27 bead wrist mala bracelet™

27 bead mala bracelet, made with genuine lepidolite and green  Russian amazonite with an Om charm to evoke peace.  It wraps as a bracelet, (stringed on thick hi-tec elastic). You may ask to have the charm removed or exchanged on the notes box upon checkout.

Lepidolite is a stone for trust, relaxation and acceptance. It is a mica stone, containing tiny traces of Lithium, known for its stress relieving properties.

Green Amazonite is a stone directly linked to the Heart chakra, which represents our ability to love.

  • bead size: 8mm
  • the mala will wrap around to the following wrist sizes:
  • SMALL: 6.5 inches/ 16.5cm
  • MEDIUM: 7.25 inches/ 19cm
  • LARGE: 8 inches/ 20 cm
  • custom sizing:  let us know your size on the notes box upon checkout.