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3 Powerful Reasons to Wear Peridot Jewelry  

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BBut what exactly is Peridot? We detail everything you need to know about Peridot as well as 3 powerful reasons to wear Peridot jewelry today.

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1. Energy Healers Love Peridot

Energy healers love the spiritual properties that are associated with peridot. Balance and energy are the two primary properties. Wonder why? Well green stones fall perfectly under the Heart chakra, and the Heart Chakra is located exactly in the center of the chakras. This is why it is known to balance our energies.

Peridot is well known as a stone for joy and well being. It is also said that it is a stone for focus and energy.

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2. Sensational Benefits for the Body & Mind

Although it is loved and used by energy healers, peridot offers numerous benefits for both the body and mind. Among these, is the removal of negative thoughts with it being replaced by a sense of happiness and optimism. Other notable benefits are the balance of the heart chakra and its emotions.

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Essential Oil Bracelets Earthy Gemstones Combo_lovepray
Essential Oil Bracelets Earthy Gemstones Combo_lovepray

3. Versatility

The wide-ranging colors of peridot make it one of the easiest stones to pair with other colored gems. Citrine and Garnet are two fantastic examples of colors that easily pair with Peridot to achieve a stunning result!
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Peridot Jewelry

Whether it’s time to find a gorgeous Peridot necklace to accentuate your perfect dress and smile, you will undoubtedly receive the various benefits that are connected to this special stone.
Not only will this stone perfect your look, but it will also provide the wearer with optimism and hope for the future. 

What is the Peridot Gemstone?

The birthstone of August, Peridot jewelry has surged in popularity thanks to the various shades of green that make it ideal for jewelry. 

This stone also has a rich and diverse history spanning thousands of years with the first mention of it being found in old Egyptian scrolls that detail how the gem was mined as far back as 1500 B.C. 

Peridot is closely associated with spiritual balance and evokes emotions such as happiness, love, and compassion.