Who is Lovepray jewelry?

Lovepray jewelry was founded in 2011 by Carolina Elias.
carolina elias lovepray jewelry 
Carolina Elias -- designer
We are a jewelry line inspired by yoga, nature, and fashion for hip men and women—all our designs are 100% original and designed by us, for you.
Our style is designed for men and women that are always young in spirit; many of our customers are yogis, artists, counselors, athletes, and other inspired individuals who are health conscious and follow a life of awareness. Our customers know that age is not a number, and that being healthy, positive, fashionable, and youthful is for everyone. In short, it’s a way of life—always.

The name Lovepray is a combination of the words love and pray. Love is what compelled us to start this line, while pray refers in part to the malas that we make. Many of our pieces are 108-bead malas, and their main purpose is for prayer and meditation. Pray also refers to the positive thoughts and prayers that we have while constructing the jewelry itself—it really is a type of mantra for us!

We sell carefully made, super high quality, USA made handcrafted jewelry using natural materials, which is comfortable to wear and perfect for everyday wear at fair prices. We only use fair-trade, cruelty-free materials, and the majority of our supplies are purchased from suppliers in the United States.

We are based in San Diego, CA. Our products can be found online on this website, on Amazon and of course, our cool studio in San Diego where, we make and design everything, where you are welcome to drop by, we keep all of our stock nicely displayed, we apologize for the mess in our workshop in advance.

Additionally, Lovepray’s jewelry is also available in several shops, boutiques, and yoga studios, and can also be purchased at one of the many shows we attend in and around the area.

Thank you for reading about us, thank you for your interest in our jewelry, we hope that you find something that you love!  

  • Namaste! 

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    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you might have. 

    email: info@loveprayjewelry.com

    phone:  760 592 3877  (studio hours 9:00am-3pm PST Mon- Fri)
  • call in advance if you plan to visit, we like to go out.
  • telephone customer service: 9am -8pm PST everyday
    Lovepray jewelry HQ
    5425 Oberlin Dr. Suite 205
    San Diego, CA, 92121