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Pisces Birthstone & 8 Best Pisces Crystals

Pisces Birthstone- Model wearing Pisces birthstone jewelry

What are the Pisces Birthstones?

Welcome to the amazing world of Pisces birthstones! The main Pisces Birthstones are aquamarine and amethyst. 

pisces birthstone

Aquamarine is the birthstone assigned to March Pisces while amethyst is the February birthstone.

These healing crystals are great for people under the zodiac sign of Pisces and for the rest of us too during Pisces season.

These crystals bring out the main qualities of the Pisces, which are creativity and inspiration, so if you want to channel these into your life, these are great stones to wear all year! 

Pisces are Loving Empaths

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. The Pisces star sign corresponds to people born between February 19th to March 20th.

Pisces symbol

This zodiac sign is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions which reveals different aspects of their personalities.

What is the Ruling Planet of Pisces?

Pisces is ruled by Planet Neptune. This ruling planet represents intuition, spirituality, and creativity. 

What is the element of the Pisces zodiac sign?

Pisces' element is water, so Pisces is a water sign. Water signs are usually emotional. This connection reflects Pisces' ability to embrace mysteries and emotions. 


Pisceans love gemstone anklets

What are the positive traits of Pisces?

The key traits of Pisces people is that they are compassionate, imaginative, and intuitive in nature.

They have a natural gift for growth processes, and understanding people and their feelings, this makes them excellent friends and confidantes.

Another reason why Pisces are great friends is because they're selfless individuals. This means that they love to help others, even if that means having to put aside their own priorities.

What are the negative traits of Pisces?

Unfortunately, Pisces can be prone to certain weaknesses that can sometimes impede their progress. They may be quick to become overwhelmed in times of stress or difficulty, feeling too emotionally drained to take action.

Their need for emotional connection can lead them into heartbreaking situations if they are not careful. Using stones and setting intentions with their birthstones will help them greatly.

Tap into the energy of crystals

Pisceans benefit immensely from their birthstones due to their sensitive nature. Learn about the best Pisces birthstones and crystals.

pisces crystals

What is the Pisces Birthstone?

Aquamarine is the main Pisces birthstone. However, amethyst is also considered a Pisces birthstone.  

Learn all about Pisces birthstones, and the best crystal manifestation tools for every Pisces, and the rest of us during Pisces season!

Pisces Finds Clarity with Aquamarine

aquamarine helps pisces

What is the Birthstone for March Pisceans?

Aquamarine is both the traditional March birthstone and Pisces birthstone.

Aquamarine is a Pisces stone that reflects the colors of the sea, blue or blue-green, and its energies are calming, soothing, and uplifting. It reduces stress and calms the mind, bringing in peace and serenity in much the same way as gazing at the blue waters or ocean does. 

This March birthstone was used in ancient Greek mythology as a lucky stone for sailors, as it was thought to keep them safe, and control water. 

The Aquamarine crystal and the sign of Pisces share a bigger connection than you may think. Remember how Pisces is a water sign? Well, the color Aquamarine perfectly resembles water with its unique colors.

Also, this particular zodiac sign is made up of two fishes swimming in different directions which also has to do with both water and the sea. This makes Aquamarine Pisces birthstone one of the best stones for Pisces.

healing properties of aquamarine

Pisces people are often sensitive, and Aquamarine has an affinity with this characteristic as it is a stone for inner strength. It is a great help for sensitive people to relate to others in a tolerant way and to overcome social anxiety.

Aquamarine is Connected to the Throat Chakra

With its light blue color, the aquamarine gemstone is connected directly to the Throat chakra.

The sensitive Pisces sometimes struggles with emotion, blocked throat problems, and self-esteem to be able to say what they mean.

Read our blog article for all there is to know about the magical Aquamarine stone.



Bloodstone is another birthstone for the March Pisces. It is a dark green stone with red spots, often used in jewelry. It is believed to have healing properties and is associated with courage, strength, and vitality. In some cultures, bloodstone is also known as the "warrior stone" because of its association with sacrifice and selflessness.

Bloodstone is connected to the Heart Chakra. It's great that bloodstone is one of the birthstones for March Pisceans because it's really good at stabilizing their emotions.

This is especially important when Pisceans are super stressed or unable to sort out their own emotions. This stone ensures that Pisceans are able to connect to their emotions in a healthy way!

What is the February Pisces birthstone?

amethyst crystal

Amethyst is the traditional February birthstone for Pisceans. Hence, it is also the Aquarius birthstone born during this month. 

This gemstone is usually purple. However, it can take on different shades of purple and even light green.

Other than being an aesthetically pleasing zodiac stone, wearing Amethyst jewelry is a powerful protector and the main stone for emotional balance.

benefits of amethyst

Amethyst can protect you from mood swings by just being near you or worn. It's one of the best stones for spiritual purposes and connecting us to the spiritual realm.

With this purple stone around, things that cause negative energy like stress, anxiety, or other uncomfortable emotions, will slowly disappear so you can feel at peace.

Even though Pisceans have the reputation as being one of the zodiac signs that is the best at understanding emotions, Pisceans themselves sometimes struggle to understand their own emotions.

Thankfully, with this Pisces birthstone, they can develop self-confidence to trust themselves and their intuition.

amethyst bracelet

Amethyst can strengthen or align Pisces' Third Eye chakra and Crown chakra.

These chakras are the connection with our inner voice, our higher purpose, and the spiritual side of life. This is especially important for the Pisces sign because it can remind them to live in the moment, not inside of their heads.

Read everything there is to know about this February birthstone in our article: Amethyst Crystal - Chakras, Meaning, Properties, Uses, & More.

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What is the Pisces birthstone Color?

The main Pisces birthstone color is a blue-green. This comes from Aquamarine. The other Pisces birthstone color is purple, which comes from Amethyst. These birthstone colors range in shades as well. 

What are the best stones for Pisces to wear?

Pisceans should consider wearing aquamarine or amethyst stones, but there are also other stones that are great for Pisceans to wear! Aside from the main Pisces birthstones, find out about other great Pisces stones.



Jade is usually a deep green stone. Jade is a great Pisces stone since it is associated with the Heart Chakra.

Just as the heart does, this chakra encourages people to love. Wearing this lucky stone can protect Pisces and allow them to love without being afraid of getting hurt. Additionally, Jade brings prosperity and good fortune.



The ruby is associated with the Root Chakra. It ensures that the Root Chakra is aligned and is capable of maintaining a stable state - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Pisceans can fall into their own trap of self-doubt, but this gemstone saves them from that. Ruby is an important Pisces stone because it provides them with clarity, helping ground themselves to feel stable again.

Although ruby isn't the first gemstone that comes into mind when thinking about Pisces birthstones, it actually complements them pretty well. It's the traditional birthstone for those born in July.

Which other gemstones are good for Pisces to wear?

The gentle Pisces benefits from wearing the appropriate zodiac stones, and the gemstones that can help them harness the energy they need. Dive deeper into the world of Pisces crystals.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli for pisces

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue gemstone that has been highly valued for thousands of years. It is associated with wisdom, truth, and enlightenment, and is believed to enhance one's intuition and spiritual awareness. This deep blue gemstone is also said to promote mental clarity, creativity, and emotional healing.

Lapis lazuli is another great stone for Pisceans because it strengthens their spirituality. When their spirituality becomes stronger, both their intuition and compassion enhances. This is important for Pisceans because this allows them to handle more demanding challenges in the future.

Quartz Crystal


quartz crystal bracelet

Quartz crystal is a clear or translucent mineral that is often used in jewelry and healing practices. It is believed to have powerful energy properties, including the ability to amplify and transmit energy.

Pisceans aim to be as clear as quartz crystals. Quartz crystal's healing powers are known to promote inner peace and harmony.

At times, the emotions of Pisceans can get the best of them. Quartz crystals helps them direct their emotions in a positive way. 



Moonstone is a great gemstone for people of the Pisces zodiac because it resonates with the energy of the moon, which is associated with emotions and intuition. Pisces is a water sign, and like water, they are highly sensitive and intuitive beings.

This gemstone can help enhance these qualities, providing a sense of stability.

Which stones Pisces should not wear? 

Pisces signs should avoid wearing stones that are associated with fire signs, such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These include stones like citrine and garnet. Fire sign gemstones may clash with the sensitive and intuitive nature of Pisces energy.


Pisceans should avoid citrine because of its fire energy. However, if the Pisces wants to balance out its water energy, we say by all means. 


Another stone to avoid is garnet because it also has fire energy. Besides that, this stone is intense and passionate. Pisceans are mainly about balance, peace, and clarity. But if they want to add some passion, we would also say by all means! 

How do you cleanse the Pisces Birthstones?

It's important to cleanse your Pisces birthstones, especially if you're a Piscean, to maintain their energy and power as well as to meet your own needs.

Precious stones like aquamarine and amethyst can absorb bad energy.

Cleaning and Energizing Pisces Birthstones

Cleansing Aquamarine and Amethyst is easy and can be done at home!

  • To cleanse aquamarine, smudge it with herbs, or place it on a bed of cleansing crystals. Set your intention for cleansing and focus on positive energy.
  • To cleanse amethyst, use methods such as running water or burying the crystal in salt or rice. Set your intention and visualize negative energy leaving the crystal.
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