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July Gemstone Special!

July is here! People born under the sun's shine, look our way, for we have exactly what you need. Lovepray goes loves Carnelian and it's snazzy red to orange tones. But before we show you our beautiful styles with this hot little one, we enlighten you with some facts about this month's Birthstone and what it offers it's wearers:



Carnelian stone


This gem quality stone is known for its healing, mentally grounding power. It enables one to focus on the present, bringing about confidence, eloquence and inspiration. Carnelian is known to enable success as it bolsters ambition and drive, reminding us of our future goals.  It is often used to aid in decision-making, communication and protection, creating a more spontaneous, energetic and giving individual who can feel a deeper appreciation for their body while experiencing a greater connection with those around them. 


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Carnelian stone jewelry

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