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Gemstones for Love

"Love is the essential existential fact. It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth."

Marianne Williamson


This is a list of powerful gemstones known assist the wearer to bring, keep,

and feel love. Benefit from their properties by wearing jewelry with these gemstones.

Rose quartz

is a master healer for the heart and emotions. A stone of infinite peace and unconditional love, it purifies and opens your heart, teaching the true meaning of love and forgiveness. If you have loved and lost, Rose Quartz heals the grief. This receptive stone attracts love and if your relationship is problematic, restores trust and harmony.

If in your deepest self, you do not believe you have the right to love and happiness Rose Quartz clears that false belief. Teaching how to love yourself, it attracts love into your life.

Affirmation: "I am worthy of love, I welcome love into my life"


A powerful, energizing stone known to bring passion, long valued for its ability to enhance sexual potency. This an important crystal that helps relationships last longer and survive difficult periods.


Resonating with the heart chakra, this stone acts as a heart protector and heart healer inducing a positive outlook on life. 

Red Jasper

Supports the reproductive system and the sexual organs imparting vigour to a flagging libido and enhancing creativity on all levels and helps to prolong sexual pleasure. Directly linked to the base chakra.

(excerpts from "Crystal Healing", by Judy Hall)

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