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Aquamarine Stone: Meaning & Properties of Aquamarine

aquamarine stone meaning

What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone known for its greenish-blue color.

Aquamarine stones are actually just a blue mineral beryl and one of the most popular gems due to its unique coloring that is similar to the ocean! It's part of the beryl family which includes emerald, morganite, red beryl, and more.

Aquamarine Meaning & Origins

The word aquamarine is made up of the Latin words, "aqua" and "marina," which translates to "water" and "of the sea". This name was given to this gemstone because its beautiful, blue-green color reminded people of the color of the sea.

The Aquamarine stone's connection to the sea is deeper than you think! In Greek Mythology, Mermaids, the mythical creatures that lived under the sea, used aquamarine stones as jewelry or as a form of money. Think about Ariel the Little Mermaid! She wore aquamarine shells in her outfit. 

Over time, aquamarine crystals were known as "Mermaid's Treasure". These gemstones were thought to keep sailors safe. They were used as talismans to protect sailors against sea sickness and storms.

As a result of using this gem to keep themselves safe, they were able to feel relaxed and calm. This made the meaning of Aquamarine to represent calmness and clarity.

The Colors of Aquamarine

Aquamarine's color range from greenish blue to light blue. We don't often see an aquamarine that's deep blue because it's actually rare and not often seen in nature. In fact, the deeper blue color of the aquamarine makes it more valuable!

What Birthstone is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is the birthstone for those born in the month of March and the twelfth zodiac sign, Pisces. Aquamarine crystals are perfect for Pisces because they help them to stay calm, allowing them to organize their emotions during stressful times. Learn more in our article: Pisces Birthstones & The Best Stones for Pisces.

What is the Aquamarine Crystal Good For?

Aquamarine is a stunning gem that not only looks beautiful in jewelry but also has many potential health and spiritual benefits. Some believe that wearing aquamarine can promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, aid in communication and self-expression, and even bring good luck.

If you're looking for a unique stone with plenty of positive energy, aquamarine is just what you need!

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Aquamarine?

aquamarine stone for the throat chakra

It is believed to help open communication, clear one's Throat chakra, and connect them with the divine feminine energy of the goddess.

It is also thought to bring courage, protection, harmony, and self-knowledge. Aquamarine can be used in meditation, to provide calm, and send good energy to the Throat chakra.

What are the Healing Benefits of Aquamarine?

aquamarine healing properties

Aquamarine crystals provide physical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical healing benefits. There's more to aquamarine's meaning than just providing clarity. Stay tuned to see what this gemstone can do for you in different ways!

Physical Healing Properties

Aquamarine can help unblock the throat chakra. When the throat chakra is blocked, you may experience trouble communicating. Lastly, due to this gem's cooling properties, aquamarine crystals can calm down nerves which can help with insomnia.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a natural healing stone. The meaning of the gemstone is to provide clarity and calmness, and that's exactly what it does. When you look at the stone, its color will remind you of the beach - the people there, the calm waves, and the salty air.

Just like that, the aquamarine stone can bring your mind to a comforting place like the beach which lessens one's stress and anxiety bit by bit. And, that's all it takes to feel better. That's the mental and emotional healing power aquamarine gemstones bring into our life. 

People also find comfort in aquamarine when they're facing grief. Its calming nature provides them with mental clarity and focus. As a result, it gives them the strength to recover and the power to move forward, both mentally and emotionally.

Other than being known as the "Mermaid's Treasure," aquamarine crystals are also referred to as "breathe stones". Breathe stones is a title given to gemstones that help with deep breathing and relaxation.

So, whenever you're tense or you're looking to enhance your meditation practices, make sure to have an aquamarine crystal nearby.

Metaphysical Properties and Benefits of Aquamarine

When the throat chakra is blocked, it leads to sickness and poor communication. It becomes difficult to speak your thoughts and emotions and express yourself creatively. However, aquamarine can help align or unblock your throat chakra.

A healthy throat chakra frees you of any self-doubt and gives you the confidence to talk freely about anything and everything. Having this blue gemstone by your side can encourage you to be fearless.

Where Does Aquamarine Come From?

Aquamarine is mined in many parts of the world, with deposits located primarily in Madagascar, Brazil, India, and Sri Lanka. The stone can be found naturally occurring as crystals or rock formations, but most beautiful aquamarine gems are cut from larger mineral deposits.

Aquamarine can also be found within the United States in states such as Colorado, California, North Carolina, and Connecticut. Out of these states, Colorado is known for having fine aquamarine stones within the Mount Antero area.

While aquamarine isn't a really rare gemstone, it can be hard to find. It depends a lot on the location, geological conditions, and more.

How was Aquamarine Used?

This beautiful, blue stone was used as a talisman to keep boatmen safe from mainly sea monsters, and motion sickness in Greek mythology.

Due to aquamarine quality factors of transparency and durability, this blue gemstone has been used for eyeglasses, telescopes, and microscopes.

Today, we see aquamarine stone in jewelry, art, architecture, decorations, meditation, and more!

Is Aquamarine a Precious Stone?

Aquamarines are considered semi-precious stones, meaning it's not as rare or valuable as precious stones like gold, ruby, sapphire, diamond, and emeralds. However, aquamarines are still highly regarded for their beauty and have been used in jewelry for centuries.

However, as we mentioned before, aquamarines can be very precious stones if their color is deep blue! In this case, the stone becomes really precious and holds a lot of monetary value. The deeper blue the stone is, the more precious and valuable it becomes.

Is Aquamarine an Expensive Stone?

The cost of aquamarines can vary depending on factors such as the carat, color, and quality of the stone.

Generally speaking, aquamarine is considered to be a moderately priced gemstone compared to others like diamonds or rubies. However, larger and higher-quality aquamarine gemstones can still be quite valuable and command a higher price.

The Use of Aquamarine

The aquamarine crystal was previously used as a talisman, a counterpart to medication, eyeglasses to microscopes, and in art. Here, we'll talk more about how aquamarine is commonly used today through Feng Shui, meditation, concentration, and jewelry.

Feng Shui

Aquamarine is used as a protective stone in Feng Shui because it can protect your energy and your physical body.

To use aquamarine in Feng Shui, you can place the stone in specific areas of your home or office. For example, in the north sector of your space, which is associated with career and life path, placing an aquamarine crystal can enhance communication skills and promote self-expression.

In the southeast sector, which is associated with wealth and abundance, using this crystal can help enhance creativity and intuition.


Aquamarine is perfect for meditation. It's considered a "breathe stone," so it helps you with deep breathing and calmness. In addition, aquamarine naturally has a calming energy that can bring mental focus.

These factors create the perfect atmosphere to meditate in, helping reach a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Adding the aquamarine stone into your meditation practices is really easy! First, find a quiet and comfortable place to sit. Then, hold the stone in your hand.

As usual, close your eyes and breathe deeply to relax. Now, focus on the blue-green stone and its energy flowing into your body.

While doing so, make sure you're not thinking and allowing your thoughts and worries to slowly exit your body. Continue this process until you feel satisfaction and joy.

Aquamarine Jewelry

The best way to receive the benefits of aquamarine stone is through aquamarine jewelry! You can access clarity, calmness, and peace by wearing aquamarine as a necklace or bracelet.

It can remind you of the relaxing vibes of the beach and can keep you grounded during difficult times. 

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