Attract Abundance: Top 3 Gemstones for Success

October 04, 2016

Gemstones and precious stones have been used for centuries for different reasons. Gemstones are believed to carry special powers, energies and healing abilities and when used correctly yield their user tremendous benefit.

Below we highlight three of the best gemstones known to attract success and abundance. 

 tigers eye jewelry

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye represents grounding energy as well as both inner and outer strength.

Color: tiger eye stones come in a variety of colors from rich golden yellows to deep reds.

Tiger’s eye as the reason for its name suggests is a stone which can be used to increase the user’s patience in order to win or achieve that which they most want. In the same way as tigers are known to wait patiently for their prey, tiger’s eye gives the user or wearer the ability to make use of this power. You will be focused and determined in all that you do. Tiger’s eye jewelry, when used to complement meditative practices, will bring about a sense of calm and give the wearer better concentration skills to attract abundance.

citrine yoga jewelry


The stone is used to dispel negative energy and help manifest creativity and awaken the imagination.

Citrine color: The word citrine is derived from the French word for lemon, citron hence its color. In its most natural state, the gemstone is a pale yellow color.

Citrine is a gemstone that is rich in positive energy and cannot bear negative energy. Its uniqueness is so rare that it is one of only two gemstones on the planet that does not need to be cleansed.

The gemstone's transparent yellow color complements it warm invigorating life-giving qualities. It is mostly used to help clear the mind as well as aiding in stirring the soul to positive action. For those seeking help with creativity, then this is the gemstone for you as citrine is well known for evoking sparks of creativity and increasing one’s imagination. Citrine is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, which is our confidence and ability to take action. This is important as it helps you through the process of changing dreams and wishes and making them into realities. Wearing Citrine jewelry helps bring success within your reach. Its folk name is the ‘Merchant's Stone’, or ‘Success Stone’ with due reason.

pyrite yoga inspired jewelry


Pyrite is used to help bring perseverance and endurance to the wearer.

Pyrite color: Pyrite is dark grey, sometimes with gold flecks. 

Pyrite is a beautiful stone, a dense, strong stone, long known to bring prosperity, as it helps the wearer giving him/her strength and helping with perseverance in achieving goals. Wearing pyrite jewelry is empowering, its energy is felt immediately, another of its well known main characteristics is that its said to attract wealth and prosperity. 

These gemstones have been around for centuries and their powers are evident, wearing earthy and elegant Tiger’s eye jewelry, bright and happy Citrine jewelry, and/or empowering Pyrite jewelry, is long known to help the wearer achieve success, and attract wealth and abundance. It helps that they are also beautiful!

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