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Benefits of Wearing Pearls That You Should Know About

how to wear pearls to enhance its benefits

Pearls have been worn for centuries as a status symbol by the rich. Today, pearls are worn as adornment, for healing, and people use them to harmonize with nature. What are the benefits of wearing pearls that you should know about?

Getting Familiar with Pearls

Whether pearls are natural or cultured, they have a beautiful iridescent hue. Pearls are also called Moti in the Hindu and Urdu cultures. While white pearls are most common, pearls come in many colors, including blue, black, charcoal, eggplant, peacock green, and silverish green.

If you are born in June, your Zodiac sign is Cancer, and the pearl is your birthstone. For wedding anniversaries, the pearl is the gift for your 3rd anniversary. Pearls are used in jewelry making, as an ingredient in beauty products, and embellishing clothing. Natural pearls are often ground into powder and used as medicine as a natural way to enhance fertility, relieve bloating, and help with childbirth.

Astrological Uses of Pearls

According to Vedic astrology, heaven's powers and the earth's water created the pearl as it was fertilized by lighting. Pearls are referred to as the Moon's daughter. While pearls are the birthstone of the zodiac sign Cancer, those born in June, Aries, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Scorpio can also wear pearls. Pearls worn by these astrological signs signify elegance and luxury; for this reason, pearls were worn by the nobility and continue to be worn by the wealthy. Pearls should be worn by public speakers, counselors, psychologists, and children under twelve in poor health.

the healing power of pearls and other benefits

Pearls are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, a child's birth, and a gift to someone who means a lot to you!

Pearl’s Astrological Benefits

  • Pearls strengthen the mind, creating emotional balance, thus eliminating the Moon’s ill effects.
  • Pearls are known to ease instability in your life, remove mental tension and indecisiveness, and counter depression.
  • Pearl stone benefits of marriage include bringing good fortune and harmony to the couple.
  • Pearls are known to intensify the Moon’s power, denoting charming eyes, family, life, love, balancing your mind, and offering other good fortunes.
  • People believe if you wear pearls, they will bring respect, fortune, fame, and regal comfort.
  • Those needing protection from financial loss, misfortune, accidents, and sudden death should wear black pearls.
  • If you get angry easily or lose your temper, wear white pearls to ease anger and control your temper.

Pearl’s Health Benefits

  • Combining pearls and Amethyst helps to keep your vitality balanced. Wearing Opals and Pearls together enhances your grace and femininity.
  • Pearl stone benefits your brain, enhancing your intelligence, relieving depression, improving your memory, and easing mental disorders.
  • An afflicted moon may cause dysentery, throat, and vision issues. Wearing pearls is said to reduce these issues.
  • Pearls help maintain and balance bodily fluids and are believed to cure bladder disease and hypertension.
  • Wearing pearls can lessen the symptoms if you have insomnia or sleep discomfort.

The Healing Power of Pearls

Besides the health and astrological benefits of pearls, they offer healing powers. Healers have used pearls for centuries.

  • During the lunar cycle, healers use pearls to balance hormone levels and body rhythms.
  • Pearls are a symbol of faith and innocence.
  • Gurus use pearls to inhibit immodest behavior, bring truths forward, heighten sincerity, increase wisdom, and boost a person’s integrity.
  • It is believed you can tap into one's nurturing love and inner wisdom using the orientation (the iridescence of the pearl below its surface) of pearls.
  • Pearl lavishes empathy and love on its wearer.
  • Pearls have a purifying quality that helps cleanse your kidneys and blood.
  • While wearing pearls, you become more conscious of your sexuality.

How to Wear Pearls to Enhance Its Benefits

Pearl stone benefits can be enhanced by the jewelry’s metal setting, the time of day, and how and when you wear them.

The recommended carat size for a pearl is one-tenth of a person’s weight. So, if you weigh 80 Kg, you should wear an eight-carat pearl.

Necklaces and bracelets should be next to the skin. Rings should be worn on your working hand’s little finger. Wearing pearls in silver settings between 5 am and 7 am on Monday will bring the most benefits.

getting familiar with pearls stone
Soak your pearl in pure water, raw milk, and honey for twenty to thirty minutes to activate and clean the pearl. Immediately after removing it from the mixture.

The pearl will be effective on day four and last for about two years. It will then be inactive and need replacing to continue the pearl stone benefits!

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