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10 Crystals for Beginners to Start With

10 Crystals for Beginners

As more people look for ways to heal themselves naturally, deal with stress and anxiety, and release negative energy, crystals have become increasingly popular. At Lovepray Jewelry, we offer 10 crystals for beginners to start with. Get to know them!

Crystal's Use of Vibrations

Crystals use vibration to emit constant energy. Once a crystal encounters another vibration, it raises that vibration to match its frequency. When this higher frequency is near your body, it increases your vibrations, allowing you to use its energy to overcome emotional, physical, and mental blocks.
The crystal's energy helps anchor your goals (intentions) to the power of the crystal, allowing it to magnify the healing energy more strongly and effectively.

10 Crystals for Beginners

As a beginner, choosing crystals can be daunting. At Lovepray Jewelry, we have crystals for beginners. These crystals will re-energize your mind, body, and soul while renewing your positive energy!


Amethyst enhances willpower, purifies, heals, and relieves tension, anxiety, and worry. Use Amethyst during meditation to boost your calm and inner peace. Amethyst can be worn as jewelry, held while you meditate, or placed nearby.


Carnelian’s vivid colors reflect its fierce energy. If you're looking to enhance your passion or need a creative boost, Carnelian is the crystal you should have. Carry your Carnelian in your pocket, or keep it nearby and absorb its amazing energy.


Using the Sun's light and power, Citrine sparks creativity, concentration, and enthusiasm.
Citrine vibrations enhance happiness, creating positive energy. When used in meditation, it helps manifest your intentions. Place your Citrine on your solar plexus or hold it to absorb its positive energy as you breathe deeply.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the perfect crystal for beginners. It supports your energy support system and masterfully heals. Known to block negative energy, it cleanses and recharges other crystals.
Clear Quartz enhances focus as it removes your stagnant energy. Placing Clear Quartz in your home can lighten your home’s energy. Place it on a blocked chakra to cleanse and recharge it.


Of all the crystals for beginners, Jasper nurtures the stressed soul. Often referred to as “The Nurturing Crystal,” its tranquility makes you whole. It also re-energizes the body during chronic illness. To unleash Jasper's energy, place it in your home and use it while you meditate or wear it as jewelry.


Moonstone enhances personal growth and inner strength. It also boosts intuition and creativity. Moonstone soothes tension and emotions.
Moonstone is at its most powerful during a full moon. Place it nearby or wear it as jewelry. If you want its healing energy, placing it on the third eye is best!


Obsidian is a protective crystal. It soaks up negative energy so you can process experiences and emotions and then let them go to alleviate stress and tension.

Place your Obsidian crystal in a hall or doorway, hold it as you meditate, or wear it as jewelry to absorb its protective energy.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz supports love and the heart’s connections. Its energy encompasses the love of self, family, and life partners.
It can be put under your pillow or nightstand for sweet dreams. Placing two pieces of this quartz in the southwest direction in your bedroom will emit happy energy and strengthen your marital bond. Laying a piece of Rose Quartz on your heart will absorb the comforting vibration the quartz emits.


The cleansing vibrations of Selenite purify other crystals and your surroundings. To restore your balance, clear your aura, and remove your body’s negative energy, move Selenite over your body from head to toe.
To cleanse your chakra, place Selenite on the chakra you need to cleanse for 20 minutes.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline absorbs unwanted energy so it doesn’t reach you. It also releases negative energy from your surroundings and your body. As a bodyguard for your energy, carry it with you or put it on one side of your front door.

Recharging and Cleaning Crystals

Cleansing and recharging crystals for beginners is relatively easy. The more you use your crystals, the more energy they acquire. For this reason, you should recharge and cleanse your crystals. Ideally, they should be cleaned monthly.

Using a Cleansing Crystal

Crystals like Quartz and geodes can stop negative energy. Placing your crystals near a geode or Quartz contains the negative energy cleansing your crystals.

Cleansing with Sage

Sage is a spiritual cleanser. Hold your crystals in one hand and run the smoking sage bundle over the crystals for 30-40 seconds. This deep purification will result in clean, recharged crystals.

Water Cleansing

Saltwater from the sea and freshwater from lakes, streams, and rainwater are best for cleansing crystals. Run your crystals under the water source while you hold them in your hands, or place them in a bowl or jar and cover them with the water. Be aware that some crystals, such as Selenite and Malachite, do not tolerate water well, which should be avoided.

Cleansing with Sound

Sound cleanses through vibration, realigning the crystal’s frequency, thus re-energizing and cleansing the crystal. Place the crystals in a shallow bowl or flat surface, using a tuning fork, bells, a singing bowl, or chimes to move across the crystals as you ring them.

Use the Moon and the Sun

Natural light is like a battery for your crystals. It also cleanses them. When using the sunlight, place them on your windowsill or a flat surface outside. Let them soak up the Sun's rays for several hours. Remember that Citrine and Amythest don't tolerate heat or UVA rays well, and their color could fade!
Moonlight cleansing should be done on a full moon, allowing the crystals to absorb the moon’s energy at its brightest.

The healing powers of crystals can be used individually or in pairs to rid your body and mind of negative energy and enhance your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 

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