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Crystals for Love: Top 20 Crystals to Manifest Love Now

Crystals for Love: Top 20 Crystals to Manifest Love Now

Do you want more love in your life? Many things can be done to achieve this, but one of the most effective is harnessing the metaphysical power of crystals.

Why? Crystals vibrate at different frequencies, and this is something you can feel when you have them with you.

Crystals for protection, or abundance, have a whole other vibe from crystals for love. And depending on what you would like to attract it's the different crystals that you should integrate into your life!

First off, what kind of love do you want to attract?

There are many types of love, like unconditional love, romantic love, and our favorite: self love.

Depending on the love that you want to attract into your life, it's the type of love crystals that you need to choose. In this blog post you will discover exactly what you need. 

Our most popular request is for crystals to attract love and new relationships.
crystals for romantic love

Manifesting love is simple, but it's not easy, as with all types of manifestations there is a well-known secret to bringing them about. First, we must begin with self-love in order to attract love into our life.

It's such a cliche, and everyone tells us that, but it's very hard or even impossible to find romantic love without cracking the code to self-love first. This is why rose quartz is the perfect crystal to start with.

Always start with Rose Quartz for Love

Rose Quartz for Love

Rose quartz has a very high vibration.

    • It is the perfect stone for those whose hearts have been wounded.
    • Its pink color links it directly to the Heart chakra, which is our energy center for giving and receiving love.

Rose quartz is the best love crystal

Rose quartz is the absolute best stone for self love, finding a romantic relationship, and healing a broken heart. It is one of the most popular crystals for love.

Rose Quartz Bracelet for love

When wearing rose quartz jewelry, it's ideal for the rose quartz crystal to touch your skin, so that you can feel the soothing, gentle energy more directly.

Holding rose quartz, while lying down, taking a few deep breaths, and reciting affirmations is extra powerful. Rose quartz is known to strengthen your Heart chakra affirmations. It helps to say them out loud.

Our favorite Heart Chakra affirmation: I am open to giving and receiving love.

    Rose quartz is the best crystal for heart break

    What is the best crystal for healing a broken heart?

    This is a question we get all the time. Rose quartz is the best crystal for healing a broken heart. The gentle energy of rose quartz has deep emotional healing properties.

    What is the best crystal for attracting my crush?

    carnelian helps you attract your crush

    It's no secret that carnelian is a powerful crystal for attracting your crush. It is known to help you with self-confidence, positive energy, and all sorts of romantic relationships.

    Its enticing orange color links it directly to the Sacral Chakra. This is the energy center that helps us open up to sensuality and new experiences.

    Carnelian Bracelet to attract love

    This is why carnelian is well known all over the Internet and Tiktok as one of the best crystals to attract love. Many people tell their stories of how this powerful stone has transformed their love life. Wearing a carnelian necklace is a great way to ensure your love life remains exciting!

    What is the best crystal for emotional healing?

    Amethyst for emotional healing

    Amethyst crystal is the best stone for emotional healing. It has been known throughout history as the best crystal for overcoming grief and sadness.

    This crystal comes especially handy when dealing with a broken heart, or a damaged self-esteem after making bad romantic decisions.

    Amethyst Bracelet for emotional healing

    Making mistakes in love, and letting it get the best of us, is only human, and you should only judge yourself by your capacity to forgive yourself. And maybe not even then, trusting the Universe, and being grateful for the lessons learned will bring peace to your heart.

    Amethyst crystal is known as the "stone for Spiritual growth", this powerful purple crystal is directly linked to the Crown chakra.

    Asking for divine assistance, and leaving your destiny in the hands of the all knowing power and Source, is what many of most successful people in love have told us they have done. So there's a tip from first hand and second hand experience!

    Amethyst crystal grid for love

    If you find yourself looking for ways to heal your emotional wounds, holding an Amethyst crystal will strengthen your affirmations, and help you reconcile traumatic problems gently.

    These are our 3 Favorite Affirmations for Emotional Healing

    • I am worthy of love, peace, and healing.
    • Every breath I take brings me closer to inner peace.
    • I release past hurts and welcome healing into my life.

    Crystals in and on their own will not bring love into your life. It would be unethical for us to promote that, but crystals serve as reminders of our mindset, of our energy, and everything in this world is purely energy, so with the correct energy we have certainty that you will attract love into your life!

    Affirmations shift our energy, and reprogram our subconcious so that you can manifest love.

    What is the Best Crystal for Long-Term Relationships?

    Garnet for Love

    Garnet is the best crystal for these relationships since its main quality is that it brings more passion into your life.

    This captivating crystal, with rich hues of deep red, resonates with the Root chakra. It is our energy center of primal energy, and where passion and desire flow through.

    Garnet properties for love: 

    • grounding energy
    • helps stimulate the chakras
    • allows us to tap into our vitalty
    • fuels our passions
    • it intensifies our relationships
    • fosters a sense of enduring love

    Garnet Mala Bracelet for Long-Term Relationships

    Just looking at it will make you understand why this is one of the most powerful love crystals on earth. Its passionate energy, is not only great for long relationships, but it helps you recover passion of all kinds.

    If you have lost your passion, and are tired of meeting new people, this is the perfect crystal to wear, as it will renew your energy and motivation.

    What are other great crystals for love?

    Lapis Lazuli for intuition in your relationships

    Lapis Lazuli for Love

    Lapis Lazuli is one of the best crystals for love. Its deep blue color links it to the Throat chakra and the Third eye chakra, which are are energy centers for communication and intuition.

    In short, it will help you communicate more intuitively which is key for forming a meaningful connection for a healthy relationship.

    Lapis Lazuli Necklace for intuition in your relationships

    This mystical stone, has been popular for centuries, beloved since ancient Egypt. Lapis lazuli is a great stone for all our relationships, its one of the most powerful crystals for intuition and mitigating conflict.

    It will give you clarity as to what each relationship should be in your life, and gives you the strength to say it and take charge of your life.

    Ruby for Passion and Vitality

    Ruby will revitalize your romantic relationships

    Ruby is another amazing crystal for love. It is filled with positive energy and vitality, that will bring passion into your love life.

    It is a stone of royalty and self confidence, the perfect stone to wear if you are in a romantic rut in your existing relationship, or in general. It will pull you out, into positivity, self love, and good energy.

    Ruby Bracelet for Passion and Vitality

    Ruby is connected to the Root chakra and the Heart chakra, it adds passion and chi, to your love life.

    Its a crystal of strong feminine energy, and one of the best stones for attracting love.

    Wear a ruby necklace to attract love

    Wearing gemstone jewelry made with ruby is guaranteed to make you feel more attractive, strengthen your self love and this will show in the general health of your love life!

    Ruby jewelry for love

    Green Aventurine for Good Luck

    Green Aventurine for Good Luck

    Green Aventurine, also called "the stone of opportunity" is well known as one of the best crystals for good luck, and this applies to your love life as well.

    It belongs to the family of green gemstones associated with the Heart chakra, that will activate your love energy center and bring balance.

    Aventurine Mala Bracelet for Good Luck

    Green aventurine is a stone of inner harmony and balance, for its color places it right in the middle of the chakras, balancing male and female energies.

    Moonstone for Deeper Connections

    Moonstone for Deeper Connections

    Moonstone has a cool, ethereal glow, similar to the glow of the moon. This mystical crystal is powerful for manifesting love.

    Moonstone is a great stone for love and intuition

    It fosters emotional depth and understanding, and its known as "the stone of new beginnings". Moonstone is directly linked to the divine feminine, due to its tranquil aura, its known to make interactions more harmonious.

    This love crystal is also a strong intuition stone, that carries a loving energy.

    Moonstone Earrings for Deeper Connections

    Moonstone comes in several colors, white, grey, and peach are the most common.

    Peach moonstone is known as a stone of sensuality with its orange color linking it to our Sacral chakra, our energy center for sensual pleasure and opening ourselves to new experiences.

    Moss Agate for a Fresh Start

    Moss Agate for a Fresh Start

    This green crystal is also known as the "Gardener's Stone", it symbolizes fresh starts. When the winter has dawned on your old relationship, and you are ready to start fresh, with a new person, or bring things back to life with your partner, it symbolizes the spring of your new love.

    After an terrible argument, this is the best crystal for reconciliation, and allowing love to be born again.

    Rhodochrosite for Emotional Healing

    Rhodochrosite for Emotional healing

    Another great stone for emotional healing is rhodochrosite. This pink beauty is often called the "Stone of the Compassionate Heart," and for good reason. It's all about love, but not just any kind of love - we're talking self-love.

    This pink crystal encourages you to love yourself, imperfections and all, and that's a big deal when it comes to healing emotionally.

    It's like a warm hug for your heart, helping you heal emotional wounds and emotional trauma, also strengthening your self worth.

    Rhodochrosite Mala Bracelet for Emotional healing

    Prehnite for Emotional release

    Prehnite for Emotional release

    Prehnite is a less-known but totally awesome gem when it comes to matters of the heart.

    With its soothing green hue, Prehnite is like a trusty old friend that helps you connect with your heart and express your emotions freely.

    It's great at creating a strong sense of trust and harmony, making it easier for love to bloom. And guess what? It doesn't just work on romantic relationships, but on all types of love - friendship, family, you name it.

    Prehnite Necklace for Emotional release

    Plus, Prehnite encourages you to let go of deep fears and negative energies, allowing for emotional release and inner peace.

    So if you're looking to deepen your connections and open your heart to love, Prehnite might be just the stone you need.

    Quartz Crystal for Amplification

    Quartz Crystal amplifies love

    Quartz crystal is one of the best crystals for love because you can program it to your desired intentions. It is the only crystal with this quality.

    Clear Quartz  Bracelet for Amplification

    Clear quartz will amplify the energy of other crystals and gemstones it is paired with. It will amplify the energy of your crystal grid for love, add a few crystals here and there, and feel the energy expand!

    This powerful tool has been used by crystal healers for amplifying intentions and intensifying the properties of crystals!

    Emerald for Successful Love

    Emerald for Successful Love

    Emerald is one of the best love stones in history. Emerald is often associated with love because of its green color that links it to the Heart chakra, which is our center of love, compassion, and harmony.

    Emerald Earrings for successful love

    It is also known as the "stone of successful love", its brings freshness and vitality to those who wear it, its often a gift for married couples as it is known to bring a renewed sense of love into your relationship.

    But also a great gift for single friends, about to give up in their search for a romantic partner, it will revitalize and reenergize those looking for new relationships!

    Gifting oneself emerald jewelry is also a great gesture of self love, since it has an energy that can't be easily described, but we will try, it feels luxurious, and it makes you feel dressed up and beautiful like no other crystal does.

    Emerald Gold Filled Necklace for successful love

    In addition, emerald is known as the "stone of successful love". It brings freshness and vitality to the spirit, nourishing the heart with the qualities of compassion and unconditional love.

    Morganite for Finding and Keeping Love in your Life

    Morganite for finding and keeping love in your life

    Morganite is known to help you find and keep love in your life. This beautiful stone that ranges in pink, green and blue tones, hits on several chakras due to its many hues.

    It connects with the heart, and throat, helping us open up to new love, and guide us with intuition into a stable relationship with open communication.

    Morganite Bracelet for finding and keeping love in your life

    Adding morganite to your crystal grid for love will soften the energy around it, for an energy of "allowing" which is crucial to manifest love.

    Pink Tourmaline for Attracting a New Relationship

    Pink Tourmaline for Attracting a New Relationship

    Pink tourmaline is a stone to manifest love in the material and spiritual worlds. It helps the wearer achieve self love first in order to be loved by another. Its also a stone of physical pleasure, and it activates receptivity to healing energy.

    Pink Tourmaline Necklace  for Attract New Relationship

    Malachite for Transformation & Honesty

    Malachite is a powerful stone for transformation and honesty. Its known to give courage to the wearer to say what needs to be said, to remove any hidden negativity, and transform your relationship into something more positive.

    malachite jewelry for love

    Its also a strong Heart chakra stone, with its deep and mesmerizing green color. 


    Rhodonite for self love

    Rhodonite, often referred to as the "stone of love," is a remarkable crystal that resonates with your heart.

    This beautiful pink and black gemstone is believed to help you understand your feelings and needs clearly.

    It encourages self-love and forgiveness, paving the way for healthy relationship. It helps you resolve codependency or see other issues clearly that need to be addressed. 

    This is what makes rhodonite so special:

    • It's personable nature.
    • It's also said to aid in resolving conflicts.
    • Fosters mutual understanding in your relationships.

    How to activate crystals for love? 

    When wearing crystals for love, it's important to cleanse and activate your crystals, to make sure they have the best energy. Rid your crystal manifestation tools of negative energy by cleaning them with fresh water, sageing, or incense.

    There are many ways to cleanse your love crystals, my personal favorite is washing them in iced water and drying them well after with a cotton cloth. I notice a big difference in their energy when I do this, and can feel the negative energy disappear.

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