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Which Essential Oils Heal Each Chakra?

Which Essential Oils Heal Each Chakra?

Essential oils are often used to help align and balance the chakras. Based on the individual properties of each essential oil, we can find the chakra healing properties in them to assist in targeting, stimulating and aligning, each individual chakra. At Lovepray jewelry we have recently introduced a wide variety of essential oil bracelets and aromatherapy jewelry, so we find its time to dive deeper into the healing properties of essential oils so we can take full advantage of their benefits on our jewelry! 

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Starting with the first chakra, also known as the Root chakra, is the energy center related to stability, sensuality, and survival, it absorbs negative energy and provides protection. We created a Root Chakra oil made with cedarwood and cinnamon. When applied to our diffuser bracelet, cedarwood, the main ingredient, with its earthy and woody aroma, evokes a feeling of great strength, relaxation, and grounding, and cinnamon adds some spice and gives us energy, helping us connect with our Root chakra, or survival center. There are other oils that are also connected to the Root chakra and they are, ylang ylang, ginger, patchouli, rosewood and black pepper. 

The second chakra, also known as the Sacral chakra, is the energy center with our ability to accept and connect with others and with new experiences. At Lovepray jewelry we made a Sacral Chakra oil made with tangerine, wild orange, and patchouli, and applied it to a diffuser bracelet. Tangerine oil with its citrus and sweet aroma it’s great to cleanse and purify your chakras, it’s also a major source of antioxidants to help you uplift your immune system. Another main oil in the second chakra, is patchouli. Patchouli is one of the most common essential oils in the yoga community, and it also shares a connection with the root chakra, with its earthy aroma its helps to balance and ground any emotions that end up affecting your chakras. Other essential oils that help you connect to the Sacral chakra are: neroli, jasmine, bergamot, and clary sage.

The third chakra, known as the Solar Plexus chakra, is the energy center of personal power, expansiveness, and growth. Helping our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives by increasing our personal power. We made a Solar Plexus Chakra oil made with lemongrass, and spearmint, and applied it to a diffuser bracelet. Lemongrass oil with its smoky and citrus aroma, helps to motivate us to find clarity and to maintain a positive attitude. Spearmint, with its minty and fresh aroma, it will spice up your confidence by evoking a positive mood during your day. Other essential oils for the Solar plexus chakra, include fennel, lime, myrrh, coriander and juniper.

The fourth chakra is also known as the Heart chakra. It is the center of compassion and devotion, representing our ability to give and receive love. We made a Heart Chakra oil made with geranium, and lavender. Geranium with its sweet and floral aroma, is a great essential oil to calm your nerves and to relieve some of your daily stress. Lavender with its light floral aroma is the perfect essential oil to mix with geranium and a must have oil in your aromatherapy kit. It’s also a major source for finding your Zen moment, helping you to achieve balance in your Heart chakra. Other essential oils for the Heart chakra, include, ylang ylang, rose, jasmine, and eucalyptus. 

The fifth chakra is also known as the Throat chakra, is the energy center of communication and self-expression by dispelling negative energy and improving confidence and leadership. Our Throat Chakra oil is made with peppermint, and tea tree oil. Peppermint with its mint fresh aroma, is a great oil to help you keep up with your daily routine in a happy and confident mood by encouraging an awake feeling. Tea tree oil, also known as Malaleuca, is a must have oil in your daily life thanks to the multi benefits that it has to offer. Other essential oils for the throat chakra oil, are eucalyptus, rosemary, lime, sage and cedarwood.

The sixth chakra, also known as the Third eye chakra, it is the center of connection and balance of our spiritual wisdom and intuition, helping our ability to understand and see the bigger picture. We also made a Third Eye Chakra oil made with clary sage, frankincense, and fractioned coconut oil. Clary sage oil is one of the most helpful oils to have for your daily life thanks to its wood and herbal aroma, it helps to smooth and decrease your stress and anxieties. Frankincense oil with its earthy and warm aroma, it’s great for improving your connection with the third eye chakra by helping you obtain spiritual wisdom. Other essential oil for the sixth chakra are, jasmine, myrrh, patchouli, basil, lavender and sandalwood.

The seventh chakra also known as the Crown chakra, is the energy center of spiritual awareness and pure consciousness. It’s the highest chakra, it connects us to a higher power and the spiritual aspects of life. And lastly we made a Crown Chakra oil made with lavender, and frankincense and applied it to our diffuser bracelet. The seventh chakra, shares two of the must have essential oils in aromatherapy, lavender and frankincense. Both are great sources for stress relief, they also help you find peace in difficult moments, and guide you on emotionally stressful situations. Other essential oil for the crown chakra oils are, sandalwood, saffron, lotus and jasmine.

Essential oils are a great tool to fully experience all the energy that the chakras provide us with. Every oil brings a different characteristic for the chakra, one by one they help us to achieve the balance and alignment we need to be our best self.

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Adding a couple of drops of these oils to your aromatherapy jewelry will diffuse the benefits for hours, and help as a constant reminder of our intentions. You can maximize the benefits of your oil diffuser chakra bracelets by pairing them with their corresponding oils and or simply use any diffuser jewelry to benefit from these wonderful oils, our favorites are our new essential oil bracelets that can be mixed and matched with the rest of our collection!

We hope that this article has given you an introduction to the beautiful, deep world of essential oils and aromatherapy for chakra exploration, and inspires you to learn more!

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