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Gemstones for Love, Self Love, and Emotional Healing

Gemstones for Love, Self Love, and Emotional Healing

Attract Love into Your Life

Wearing jewelry made with gemstones for love will not guarantee love, it’s not a spell,  but it will help you set a mindset that will create the environment to attract the kind of love you want. Wearing these gemstones have many wonderful uses, and one of those uses is that we can set intentions with them. There are stones that are known to help us attract certain things or others…

In this blog post we will talk about the stones known to attract, amplify, and retain love to your life. Not all loves are the same, there are stones for passionate love, self- love, heart healing after an emotional loss, etc… There are some steps that are known to help us find love, like healing past wounds, and removing the walls around our heart, so wherever you are in this process, you can find a stone that may facilitate the manifestation of love in your life.

Garnet : Passionate and Creative Love

Deep red and elegant garnet is known to attract passionate sexual love. Its also a stone for creativity, as it is linked to passion. Its name comes from pomegranate as it is similar in color. Garnet is also the birthstone of those born in January.

Wearing garnet jewelry is known to help the wearer connect with his/her passion, not only for love but also for their creative process.

Garnet Mala Necklace
Hand Knotted Garnet Mala Necklace

Rose Quartz: Self love and Attract Love

Soothing and peaceful rose quartz is known to help the wearer keep love, in the form of self love, and it is also a stone for setting the intention of love coming into ones life. Wearing rose quartz jewelry is known to soothe our hearts and set the intention for manifesting love into our lives.

Rose quartz aromatherapy bracelet
Rose Quartz Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Kunzite : Heal Past Wounds to Let New Love In

Kunzite is a stone for love, in the way that it is known to heal past wounds, and it is also known to help the wearer release the walls around the heart, mostly there due to past love wounds. It is also called Stone of Emotion, as it is a stone that connects us with our emotions, allowing for us to feel them.

kunzite mala
Kunzite mala bracelet

The Heart: Where Love Begins

Where do you feel love? Its usually the heart. When our heart chakra is unbalanced, we have trouble feeling love. When we are vibrating either too much towards the higher or lower chakras, like the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus... we loose our balance, and we cease to feel love. Without going into too much detail, because we will be writing another post about the Heart Chakra, when we are too focused on surviving, hence the lower chakras, we don't have time for love.
That is why when we wear gemstones that are green and pink in color, we direct the energy of our body and the universe into the Heart chakra. And by stimulating it, and directing our energy to it, we heal and align it. 
Heart chakra mala

Heart chakra mala necklace

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Pinks and Garnets: Achieve Self- Love to Find Love

Wearing jewelry with a mix of rose quartz for soothing, pyrite for perseverance, garnet for passion etc... will help you wear your intentions all at one time.

Jewelry for love
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Disclaimer: The advice in this blog post is based on gemstones encyclopedias, and reiki healing, however, its not magic or medical advice, and it is not a guarantee or a cure.

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