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How to Set Intentions with Gemstones

How to Set Intentions with Gemstones
We have become accustomed to setting goals – notably within the New Year as we outline exactly what we want to achieve. Ultimately, very few of these goals are achieved during the course of the year due to a variety of reasons. But what if there was a better way to accomplish the same goals? Thankfully, there is – setting intentions instead of goals.

What is Intention Setting & Why is it Important

importance of setting intentions

Setting intentions is more introspective than setting traditional goals that you aim to achieve. An intention is a personal statement of what you want to achieve and focuses on the journey just as much as the final result.

In this case, it is incredibly personal. It requires that you think deeply about how you will attain your overall goal and how the journey improves you as a person.

Anyone can write down a list of goals on paper yet not many people can truly commit towards achieving them. As your intentions act as commitments, it makes the entire process of achieving goals more enjoyable but most importantly, makes the entire journey far more rewarding.


How Gemstones Embrace Your Intentions

How Gemstones Embrace Your Intentions

Gemstones have been embraced for centuries due to the amazing properties that are attached to them. So, why not use them to embrace your intentions and fulfill what you have set out to achieve!

The effects of certain gemstones are well known and loved across the world but just like how they have profound effects on your being, they have similar effects when applied to setting intentions.

Setting intentions with gemstones helps serve as a consistent reminder of what you are intending to achieve.

If you intend to find happiness within yourself and share it with others, it is incredibly effective when partnered with a gemstone that matches that intention – such as Carnelian or Rose Quartz.

3 Steps to Setting Intentions with Gemstones

Setting intentions with gemstones is an incredibly personal process. It’s a process that significantly differs from one person to the next yet there are 3 primary steps towards setting intentions with gemstones successfully.

All 3 are detailed below.

1. Invest Time into Understanding Your Intention

3 Steps to Setting Intentions with Gemstones

We all have a general idea of what we intend to accomplish but very few of us take the time to understand what the journey will comprise of along with the final result. While its difficult to predict each stage of the journey, you must commit to every facet of the journey and embrace everything that you encounter.

Take time and truly immerse yourself into developing your intention. There is no set time limit to understand your intention. However, make sure that it is fleshed out as much as possible before moving onto the next step.

2. Connect with a Gemstone that Aligns with Your Intention

The next step in setting intentions with gemstones is to find a gemstone that aligns with it. Many people in this instance will choose a gemstone that they are automatically drawn to. While this is common and something that you should do on a normal basis, for you to manifest the energy for your intentions, its important the gemstone and intention align with one another.

The properties of gemstones are well known in which it helps to narrow your focus on which stone will benefit your intention the most. Pay close attention to the below list and compare your intention/s to the properties of the gemstone.

  • Happiness – Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Peridot
  • Motivation – Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Selenite
  • Success – Garnet, Emerald, Sodalite
  • Well-being – Aventurine, Pyrite, Clear Quartz
  • Relieve Stress – Black Tourmaline, Lava Stone, Kyanite, Rhodonite
  • Love and Luck – Rhodochrosite, Ruby, Rose Quartz, Garnet

With select stones to align with your intuitions, you can let your intuition guide you and let the perfect gemstone reach out to you. Again, take your time when browsing gemstones in order for the right gem to call to you.

3. Cleanse the Gemstone and Reassert Your Intention

Cleanse the Gemstone and Reassert Your Intention

Having found the gemstone that aligns with your intentions, it is vital that you cleanse the gemstone of any negative energies from any person that may have handled it previously.

Successfully cleansing the stone will enable you to receive the full benefits and properties that it holds. The gemstone can be cleansed in several different ways that includes soaking it in a sea salt bath, cleansing with herbal smoke, or placing it under the full moon.

With the gemstone cleansed, you need to reassert your intention with the gemstone in hand. In a seated, comfortable position, place the gem within your dominant hand and close your eyes.

As your mind begins to quieten, begin to state your attention out loud ensuring that you are very specific. The intention must be clearly identifiable instead of vague. Repeat your intention slowly and understand it’s importance as you feel it begin to take hold in the gemstone. 

After a short period of time or until you are comfortable that energy of the intention has transferred, you can open your eyes and slowly begin to move your parts of your body before finally getting up.

Keep the gemstone close as it serves as a constant reminder of your intention. 

Final Thoughts

Life can be incredibly daunting yet at the same time, it can be filled with joy and unexpected pleasures. Setting intentions and achieving them form part of a successful and happy life that each and everyone one of us deserve. 

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Take your time and develop a strong understanding of your intentions. The stronger your understanding, the stronger your choice of gemstone will be. When partnered together, both will bring the extraordinary results that you had envisioned.


- This is not medical advice, the use of this advice is responsibility of the reader. We get this information from several Gemstone Encyclopedias.


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