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Leo Birthstone & 11 Best Crystals For Leo

Leo birthstone - model wearing Leo jewelry

What are the Leo birthstones?

The Leo birthstone is peridot. Welcome to the abundant world of Leo birthstones! Learn all there is to know about the energetic Leo birthstones & the best Leo crystals to wear! 

The main Leo birthstone is peridot. Ruby is also considered one of the Leo birthstones because its the July Leo's birthstone.

These powerful and healing zodiac stones are not only associated with those born under the zodiac sign of Leo but they can also be worn by everyone during the Leo season. Leo season is the last week of July and the first three weeks of August.

Peridot is a stone for good luck, protection, and abundance. For thousands of years, people have known Ruby to be a regal stone of unconditional love and energy.

Leos Have A Magnetic Personality

Leos are born between July 23rd and August 22nd, and its the fifth sign of the zodiac. Known for their confidence, this star sign has amazing leadership qualities.

Leos can be attractive and mysterious, just like their Leo birthstones.

What is the symbol for the Leo zodiac?

The Leo zodiac is symbolized by the Lion. The lion embodies strength and bravery.

What is the element of the Leo sign?

element of Leo is fire

The Leo zodiac is a fire sign; fitting perfectly with their bold personalities. These fire signs can be known for their undivided enthusiasm, passion, and creative energy.

What is Leo's ruling planet?

The ruling planet of Leo is the sun, representing self-expression, creativity, and vibrancy. The influence from the sun tends to give Leos a vigorous sense of self-worth and encourages them to not just pursue their dreams, but to do so with passion and enthusiasm.

Undoubtedly, there is a strong connection between the best Leo crystals and the sun!

leo ruling planet

What are Leo's positive traits?

The way that Leos approach life can tell you a lot about them. They look at life with an adventurous spirit and enjoy testing their strength and courage when faced with new challenges.

The Leo zodiac sign approaches life with an adventurous spirit and enjoys challenges that test their courage and strength.

Leo people are known to be cheerful, generous, and creative, bringing joy wherever they go. This vibrant energy they exude often draws others towards them, making them natural leaders.

What are the negative traits of Leo’s personality?

Sometimes Leos tend to be prideful and stubborn, which can ultimately lead them to seem headstrong or uncompromising.

They can struggle with showing empathy for others in certain situations, as well as not being able to take criticism without getting hurt.

By wearing the Leo birthstones and the best crystals for Leo, they can overcome their weaknesses and harness their strengths!

Tap into the ancient mystical healing power of Leo crystals

Leo crystals

In order to soak up all the benefits of these healing crystals, wearing them as jewelry is the best, because they make direct skin contact.

Having the Leo gemstones worn directly on your skin allows their unique vibration to work for you, bringing healing and chakra energy exactly where it's needed.

peridot necklace


What is the Leo birthstone?

The main Leo birthstone is Peridot since it’s the traditional August birthstone and most of Leo season is in August.

Ruby, the stone of deep love, is also considered a Leo birthstone because it's the traditional July birthstone.

Learn all about our Leo birthstone list, discover the endless advantages of incorporating the best birthstones for Leo into your everyday life and experience their transformative impact.

genuine peridot jewelry

Leo finds balance with Peridot

properties of Peridot

This beautiful August birthstone is also sometimes referred to as a lucky gemstone or talisman due to its positive energy and properties that help promote self-love.
This wonderful stone has been used throughout history as an amulet to attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity.

This is our most popular Peridot jewelry piece:


Peridot Bracelet


This Leo birthstone carries the healing energy of sunshine, growth, and renewal. This makes it especially beneficial for those looking for inner strength and growth.

This happy, green Leo stone encourages contentment, understanding, self-acceptance, and positive things in life.

As it radiates positivity, it helps banish any negative vibes that may surround you!

Peridot enhances psychic abilities. It serves to clear the channels of spiritual communication, activating also the Third eye chakra and connecting it to the Heart chakra, which are our centers for intuition and love. We would say this connection helps you guide your love in the right direction.

This “study stone” is known to evoke great focus in goal-oriented Leos.

When Peridot is worn close to the heart in jewelry, it can help with aligning the Heart Chakra and promote feelings of compassion, forgiveness, and empathy.

Leo attracts good luck with Ruby

The main birthstone for Leos born in July is Ruby. This Leo birthstone represents unconditional love and has been known as a lucky charm to attract luck and wealth!

Ruby symbolizes vitality, passion, self-love, and emotional energy.

metaphysical properties of ruby infographic

Believed to have powerful healing properties, Leo’s birthstone helps to plant strength, courage, confidence, and wisdom in those who wear it.

Not only does it carry the energy of sunshine, but it also promotes growth and a positive outlook on life.

If you are looking for inner strength or personal growth, this is the stone for you! Wearing this symbol of power and success can help inspire you to achieve amazing things!

Ruby Bracelet

This gorgeous red Leo birthstone has been worn by Leo women throughout history for its beauty and healing properties.

Also, this majestic Leo stone can be used to activate the Sacral Chakra- located in the lower abdomen governing creativity and sexuality.

Ruby jewelry also may be used to activate the Root Chakra, helping with our sense of security and stability; helping us during challenges and making tough decisions.

ruby necklace

Ruby is a powerful Leo birthstone used for its healing properties and admired for its beauty.

What is the Leo birthstone color?

The color of the Leo birthstone is green because its associated with the Peridot gemstone. However, there is another color associated with the Leos which is a stunning red color, associated with Ruby.

These two beautiful stones are the perfect fit to represent Leo. Many times, people tend to associate Leo with gold, due to the aspect of power and royalty that is linked to the astrological sign.

When Leos wear gold, it helps them to cultivate a sense of inner strength, creativity, and connect with the energy of the sun.

peridot jewelry

What are the best stones for Leo to wear?

In addition to looking great in Leo birthstone jewelry, there is an abundance of other stones that are on the Leo birthstone list. Especially those linked to the sun, which corresponds to people under the Leo star sign. As they are ruled by the sun.

Sunstone Crystal


Sunstone is a beautiful and unique gemstone that is often associated with warmth, light, and divine feminine energy. This beautiful stone is typically a reddish-brown stone with sparkling metallic inclusions of hematite or goethite. Still, this crystal can come in various shades, such as orange, yellow, green, blue, and sometimes even colorless.

In terms of crystal healing, Sunstone jewelry is known for encouraging self-confidence and bringing out a creative side. This stone is also used to decrease stress and anxiety levels by promoting joyful feelings.

Sunstone Bracelet

Sunstone is also linked to our second Chakra. This chakra is located in the lower abdomen and governs emotions, sense of pleasure, and sexuality. By wearing or carrying this Sacral chakra stone, it can help us balance this chakra and amplify joy and sensuality.


Citrine crystal


This beautiful gemstone is popular for a reason; its association with abundance, prosperity, and positivity allures many crystal lovers. Many people know Citrine as the “Success stone” and find it helps with confidence and accomplishment.

This stone is also said to clear away negative energy, promote positive thinking, and encourage feelings of optimism.

Citrine Bracelet

In relation to chakras, Citrine is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, controlling our sense of personal power and self-esteem. And its represented by the color yellow.

Pyrite Crystal


This strong and unique stone is actually considered to be a metallic mineral. People often refer to Pyrite as “fool’s gold” due to its shiny, golden exterior.

In ancient times, this stone was used for decoration and some believed it held magical properties.

Pyrite is great for those looking for a boost in self-confidence and motivation and its a naturally great stone for Leo sun signs!


Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite is also known to attract wealth, promoting both abundance and prosperity in the wearer’s life.

Amber stone, crystal


This powerful gemstone is strongly associated with the solar energy of the sun.

It is believed to boost optimism, joy, and positivity, connecting the wearer to their enthusiasm for life!

Amber is a beautiful golden stone formed by fossilized tree sap and its color can range from light, pale yellow to deep, warm shades of orange and brown.

Also, Amber can be very powerful in terms of healing and protection.

This stone is known for providing calming energy to the body and mind, lessening levels of stress. This stone is directly connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra.


tiger's eye stone

Tiger's Eye

This gemstone is often recognized for its unique shades of brown and gold. It is also associated with creating a shimmering effect relating to a cat's eye.

The name of the stone, Tiger's Eye, comes from exactly what it sounds like, it’s resemblance to a tiger’s eye.

Furthermore, the powerful stone was first used by Ancient Egyptians as a form of encouraging protection.

Tigers eye bracelet

Tiger's Eye is known for its powerful abilities in terms of protection and grounding. By wearing the stone, one can decrease levels of stress, promote courage, and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Carnelian Stone


This semi-precious gemstone known for its warm colors, is famous on Tiktok for a reason! The vibrant energy of Carnelian can help boost motivation and endurance.

This compliments Leos perfectly due to their natural drive and sense of ambition!

Carnelian worn by Leos can help to encourage creativity and drive away lethargy, same for the rest of us.

Carnelian Bracelet

This stone can also inspire Leos to face their fears by stimulating courage and drive. Lastly, Carnelian jewelry helps the zodiac sign to maintain their optimism and maintain a positive attitude toward life.


Which other gemstones are good for Leo to wear?

Obsidian crystal


This volcanic glass stone has been used throughout history and forms when lava cools quickly. Obsidian’s shade ranges from dark black, to hues of gray and green. Its smooth texture looks like glass when shined and polished.

Obsidian is known for its protective properties and absorbing negative energy from the wearer’s life. The stone is also believed to promote inner strength and clarity.

By wearing it, you can tap into the protective and healing powers of Obsidian, making it a perfect choice for Leo birthstone jewelry.


Black Onyx Crystal

Black Onyx

This popular gemstone has been used in jewelry for thousands of years for its beneficial properties and sleek appearance.

It is known to dispel stress and anxiety while promoting inner strength and protection. The best way to take advantage of these benefits is by wearing Black Onyx jewelry.

The glossy exterior of this stone adds to its aesthetically pleasing look and would look beautiful in a pendant or necklace.

Black Onyx Bracelet

Black Onyx is a great stone for Leos to wear to increase positive energy and boost their courage.


Red Jasper

This stone’s link to the Root Chakra makes it great for protection and grounding. Red Jasper is filled with numerous spiritual healing properties, especially beneficial to Leos. One of the top Leo stones, its known for increasing energy and emotional endurance in Leos and helping them face challenges with ease.

By wearing this alluring stone, Leos can expect to have enhanced leadership qualities, levels of courage, and sense of enthusiasm.


Red Jasper Bracelet

Red Jasper is a very popular choice in our jewelry collection, and now you know why!

Which stones should Leo not wear?

Leos, as fire signs, are generally associated with stones aligned with strong and vibrant energies. Although there aren’t any crystals that Leo must completely steer clear of, there are some that may not be as compatible with the energy of the sign.

For example, two water energy crystals, Aquamarine and Celestite, may not resonate as well with Leo’s fiery nature.

Water energy is connected to emotions, sensitivity, and intuition, whereas fire energy is linked to action, passion, and creativity. These fire energy characteristics make sense given their zodiac symbol, the Lion.

Although wearing Aquamarine or Celestite is unlikely to cause any harm to a Leo sign, they may find lack of support in these stones.

Rather, the Leo astrological sign should focus on crystals that compliment their natural strengths and give them the energetic support they are looking for. Focusing on the stones mentioned above that align with their personalities will allow for deeper spiritual growth.

How do you cleanse the Leo birthstones?

Cleansing Peridot and Ruby, the main Leo birthstones, is super easy and can be done at home with simple ingredients like sea salt or sunlight.

Cleansing Peridot:

Water: Peridot is safe to cleanse with water, but avoid hot water or any harsh chemicals that could damage the stone.

Sage/Smudging: Burning sage or other herbs, for instance, Palo Santo, around your peridot can help clear out negative energy from both the crystal and the surrounding area.

Cleansing Ruby:

Moonlight: Another option for cleansing ruby is using moonlight. Place the stone outside or on a windowsill during the full moon to allow its gentle energy to cleanse and recharge your ruby.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best crystals for Leo, and all about Leo birthstones! Remember that your Leo energy is that of fire and sun, so make sure you don't forget to sparkle with your Leo birthstone jewelry.

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