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Citrine Bracelet - The Secret Reason Successful People Use It

Citrine Bracelet - The Secret Reason Successful People Use It

Citrine bracelets can help attract abundance, and also provide greater clarity to achieve our goals in the future. 

Success and wealth is something that we all pursue yet precious few of us attain the levels of prosperity that we had dreamt of.

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The Secret Reason to Wear a Citrine Bracelet

The decision to buy a Citrine bracelet can be supported by various benefits yet the secret reason as to why you should wear one is a bit more detailed. The properties of citrine are renowned for attracting and inspiring wealth.

On what hand should I wear a citrine bracelet?

Is a questions we get a lot. 

When worn on your receiving hand, you immediately begin to attract success in the form of money and good fortune.

For this very reason, many people in Asian cultures wear a citrine bracelet in casinos, as they are often seen in Las Vegas and Reno, so now you know why.  The belief is that those who wear a Citrine bracelet will experience good luck when playing at a casino. 

The Story Behind Citrine 

Citrine, as with other gemstones has a long and esteemed history that was once shrouded in myth and legends. Despite this, its properties have continued to endear themselves to wearers who hold the gem in high regard. This delightful yellow stone finds its history dating back thousands of years with the Ancient Greeks being associated with its initial use in decorative ornaments. In modern day however, the gem is coveted due to its versatility and ability to partner with other gems. 

Citrine and the Solar Plexus Chakra, for Personal Power

Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus chakra, and yellow is the color of citrine. This is what links it directly to this chakra. The Solar Plexus chakra is the chakra of personal power. Personal power is our ability to assert ourselves in this world, and achieve our goals. Chakras each have a color of their own, because each color has its frequency and energy that attracts different energies into our lives. So if we want to empower this chakra of success, and personal power, we wear citrine, and a citrine bracelet is the best way to do this.

Learn more about how citrine directly influences the Solar Plexus chakra on our blog post: “Citrine and its effects on the Solar Plexus chakra”. 

More Benefits of a Citrine Bracelet

Monetary success and a serene life will always attract our attention. But when you buy a Citrine bracelet, there are a number of benefits associated with it and the gem.

The gemstone and its properties can positively influence your emotional state by assisting mental clarity, strength, confidence, and happiness. This amplification of goodwill and opulence revitalizes your spirit so that you can identify what you want to achieve in life, providing you with the inspiration to attain it.

Final Thoughts

The uniqueness and appeal of citrine continue to attract those of us from all walks of life. But we all have the same goal – to succeed in life and bring joy to our loved ones. A Citrine bracelet is the perfect partner to inspire you to pursue life and live it the way you have always dreamt of. 

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- This is not medical advice, the use of this advice is responsibility of the reader. We get this information from several Gemstone Encyclopedias.

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