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Top Gemstones to Increase Gratitude

Top Gemstones to Increase Gratitude

The world around us can be divisive and frustrating, especially these days. But, rather than focus on the negative energy, why not appreciate and feel gratitude for the positive energy?

Gratitude is something that we all need more of. Not just gratitude to others, but gratitude towards ourselves, and gratitude for our spiritual journey. Taking some time to meditate, think deeply, slow down, and spend thoughtful, intentional time with the right gemstones will go a long way to pointing your “attitude towards gratitude.” Of course, some stones are better suited for this purpose than others. Below you’ll find our favorite gemstones to use in meditations to increase gratitude.


Meditate with Malachite to cleanse and purify all chakra centers, to remove emotional blockages, and to open your heart to new experiences. This gemstone is known as a guardian of your heart.

malachite wrist mala wrap bracelet

Rose quartz

The rose quartz is sometimes referred to as the “love stone.” It’s for all types of love: family, unconditional, romantic, platonic, and even self-love. It’s a high-energy stone, and would be well used in meditation that creates a thankful energy for our loved ones.

Rose Quartz Hand Knotted Mala Necklace

Green aventurine

This type of quartz is characterized by its translucency and playful shimmering we call “aventurescence.” This is said to be a stone that helps to regenerate and invigorate. It brings comfort to your life, and stabilizes your heart. It’s an excellent stone for the heart chakra.

Aventurine hand knotted mala necklace

Tiger eye

Tiger eye is known as a powerful balancing stone, whether you need more balance in your own life or want to send balancing energy to others. It encourages a positive attitude and will strengthen your self-confidence. Grab one of your favorite stones or put on some jewelry.

Tigers eye mala



Known for reinvigorating an “appetite for life,” Apatite was used by Native Americans for thousands of years as a natural energy purifier, and a conduit to feel connection with nature. This crystal can range in color from a deep green-blue to green to yellow or sometimes even pink or violent. Use this stone in meditations outdoors or close to nature. (apatite collection coming soon!).

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