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What is a Mudra? Welcoming Spring with Chakra Mudras

What is a Mudra? Welcoming Spring with Chakra Mudras
What is a Mudra? Is one of the most common questions that we get at Lovepray jewelry. A mudra is a hand position that will direct energy into our bodies. They are the hand signs for chakra meditation. As we meditate, and close the circle in our hands, we will visualize our energy circling back to us, and not leaving our body, therefore making us feel more energized. Different chakra hand signs may be used to direct energy to specific chakras, they are called chakra mudras.
As you may already know, our body is wise, and it's all connected. 

Follow me as I walk you through the mudras of the seven main chakras. 

Root chakra mudra:
Our Root chakra is considered the first chakra, it is located in the base of our spine. It represents our base, our Root, and our feeling of being grounded. It also represents our survival.
The position of the Root chakra mudra is achieved by joining the thumb and index fingers. Some suggest, resting hands on knees and straightening the arms.
Root Chakra Mudra
Root chakra meditation: I am
Affirmation for the Root chakra: "I am grounded, I exist firmly, thrive and survive.
The Sacral Chakra Mudra:
Our Sacral chakra is located near the pelvis where our reproductive organs are found. It represents our self worth, and our ability to love our body. It also represents our feelings of having enough and abundance.
The position of the Sacral chakra is achieved by resting your right palm on top of your left palm, some suggest placing hand on lap.
Sacral Chakra Mudra
Sacral chakra meditation: I feel
Affirmation for the Sacral Chakra: I love my life, I honor my physical body and treat it with respect.
The Solar Plexus Chakra Mudra:
Our Solar Plexus is located below the sternum and over the abdomen. This third chakra represents our feelings of confidence, self- esteem, and personal power.
The Solar Plexus chakra mudra may be done by placing hands between your Heart and stomach.
Solar Plexus Chakra Mudra
Solar Plexus chakra meditation: I can.
Affirmation for the Solar Plexus chakra: I am worthy of love, kindness and respect. I am worthy of the best.
The Heart Chakra Mudra:
Our Heart chakra is located in the middle of the chest. It represents our ability to love and be loved.
The Heart chakra mudra is done by joining the index finger and the thumb and touching the Heart center with your right hand, and doing the same position and resting it on the knee with your left hand.
Heart chakra mudra
Heart chakra meditation: I am love.
Affirmation for the Heart Chakra: My heart is full of love, love opens and heals me.
The Throat Chakra Mudra:
The Throat chakra is located in our throats, and it represents our ability to communicate truthfully and freely.
The Throat chakra mudra is done by crossing your fingers from the inside of your hands, and joining your thumbs.
Throat chakra mudra
Throat chakra meditation: I speak
Affirmation for the Throat chakra: I communicate my truth, freely and truthfully.
The Third Eye Chakra mudra.
Our Third eye chakra is located in between our eyebrows, it represents our wisdom, imagination and our intuition.
The Third eye chakra mudra is done by joining the tips of your middle fingers, and leave the rest of the fingers touching by bending them at the first joint.
Third Eye chakra Mudra
Third Eye chakra meditation: I see
Affirmation for the Third Eye chakra: I am open to listen to my inner guidance, and deepest wisdom.
The Crown chakra mudra:
Our Crown chakra is located at the top of the skull, it represents our connection with the universe and the spiritual aspects of our life.
The Crown chakra mudra can be done by joining the pinky fingers by the tips and interlacing your fingers.
Crown Chakra Mudra
Hope you enjoyed our Chakra Mudras blog post! Feel free to browse our extensive chakra collection with jewelry for healing and aligning all of the chakras, or any specific ones that you may like to focus on, as you practice and perfect your chakra mudras!
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