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108 Bead Malas

Browse one of the largest collections of 108 bead malas in the internet.

Love and Patience, Love Gemstones and Turtle Mala Necklace


Dalmatian Jasper and Garnet Mala Bracelet


Sodalite Hand Knotted Mala Necklace


Charoite, Cloudy Quartz, and Amethyst Hand Knotted Mala Necklace


Larvikite Hand Knotted Mala Necklace with Ganesh 'Success' Pendant


Amazonite and Sunstone Hand Knotted Mala Necklace


Labradorite and Purple Aventurine Hand Knotted Mala Necklace


Cloudy Quartz Hand Knotted Mala Necklace


Tigers Eye and Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace


Moss Agate and Smoky Quartz Mala Bracelet


Larvikite and Garnet Mala Necklace or Bracelet


Carnelian and African Turquoise Mala Necklace or Bracelet


Tourmaline and Opal Hand Knotted Mala Necklace


Tourmaline and Lepidolite Mala Necklace


Hemimorphite Mala Beads, Wrap 108 Bead Mala Bracelet or Necklace


Hemimorphite and Pyrite 'Communication and Strength' Mala Necklace


Find many types of 108 bead malas in this collection: Hand knotted thread gemstone malas, 108 bead malas that can be worn wrapped around the wrist. Beautiful beaded mala necklaces. Have fun browsing all of our malas made with 108 beads!