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"Heart" Aventurine Delicate Bracelet

$20.00 $17.50

"Amplify" Cloudy Quartz Crystal Delicate Bracelet

$24.50 $19.50

"Love" Rose Quartz Delicate Bracelet

$22.50 $19.50

"Self Love" Rhodonite Delicate Bracelet

$27.00 $22.50

"Grounding" Larvikite Delicate Bracelet

$24.50 $19.00

"Intuition" Lapis Lazuli Delicate Bracelet

$29.00 $27.00

"Calm" Howlite Delicate Bracelet

$19.50 $17.50

"Creativity" Garnet Delicate Bracelet

$29.00 $24.50

Black Lava and Tiger Eye Stones Boys Bracelet


Boy's Lava and Larvikite Bracelet


Boy's Lava and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


Boy's Lava and African Turquoise Bracelet


Azurite in Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


Sunstone and Lava Stone Aromatherapy Bracelet


Red Tiger's Eye and Lava Stone Aromatherapy Bracelet


Onyx and Lava Stone Aromatherapy Bracelet


Some prices were lowered and some styles were created especially to bring life to this awesome collection. 

"Give the gift of hand made, earthy, and hip jewelry to your loved ones!"