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Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is a type of quartz known for its strong emotional healing properties. We hope you find something you love in our amethyst jewelry collection.

"Gratitude" Amethyst And Apatite Delicate Bracelet Stack - Bracelet Set


Amethyst and Apatite Earrings


Amethyst And Apatite Mala Necklace With Tibetan Calendar Pendant


Amethyst and Apatite Beads Delicate Bracelet


Amethyst and Apatite Delicate Anklet


"Gratitude and Healing" Amethyst Apatite and Lepidolite Wrist Mala Bracelet


"Emotional Healing" Cloudy Quartz Crystal and Amethyst Delicate Bracelet Stack


Amethyst Big Bead Bracelet


Seventh Chakra, Genuine Amethyst and Chakra Gemstones 27 Bead Wrap Mala Bracelet


Healing and Soothing, Amethyst and Onyx 27 Bead Wrap Mala Bracelet


Amethyst Chain Necklace


"Spiritual Connection" Sandalwood and Amethyst Mala Necklace

$108.00 $89.00

Crown Chakra Amethyst Wrap Bracelet

$49.00 $44.50

Amethyst and Quartz Earrings


“Summer Healing” Rose Quartz Amethyst and Apatite Delicate Necklace


"Summer Energy" Rose Quartz Amethyst and Apatite Hand Knotted Mala Necklace

$239.00 $169.00

Amethyst: with its beautiful purple color it is directly linked to the Crown chakra.