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Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Jewelry

Lapis lazuli is linked to our Third- Eye Chakra, and is known to help us access our intuition. Find lapis lazuli malas, lapis lazuli mala bracelets, and more... made with lapis lazuli, which is also September's birthstone!

"Intuition" Lapis Lazuli Delicate Bracelet

$29.00 $27.00

“Intuition and Prosperity” Lapis Lazuli and Tiger’s Eye Men's Bracelet


Boy's Lava and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


Lapis Lazuli and Ebony Bracelet Stack


Lapis Lazuli and Tiger's Eye 108 Bead Mala Bracelet


Lapis Lazuli, Moss Agate and Rudraksha Mala Bracelet


Lapis Lazuli Hand Knotted Mala Necklace


Azurite in Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


Delicate Lapis Lazuli and Moss Agate Bracelet


Lapis Lazuli and Sandalwood 'Intuition and Healing' Mala Necklace


"Intuition" Lapis Lazuli Essential Oil Bracelet

$39.00 $34.99

Tigers Eye and Lapis Lazuli Mala Necklace


Compassion and Life - Lapis Lazuli and Bone Bracelet


Strength and Intuition - Pyrite and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


Intuition - Matte Genuine Lapis Lazuli Bracelet


Matte Lapis Lazuli 'Compassion' Bracelet with Om Charm