Healing Properties of Gemstones

At Lovepray jewelry we use the natural benefits and healing properties of gemstones to design our jewelry. For thousands of years these healing properties have been used to help heal and clear blockages so that energy can flow freely upon the wearer. Gemstones and crystals are made up of silicon-dioxide which is also in our body, making us receptive to their energy.

Gemstones are natural conductors of energy as the energy is magnified and channeled through the gem. Gemstones of different colors resonate with the different chakras within the body, and when matched with intention and meditation they can help align the whole self, and help attract our manifested intentions into our lives.

African Turquoise is a type of jasper that has the look of an earthy turquoise, it is said to bring encouragement for growth, development and positive change, open the mind to new ideas, new possibilities and new existence.

Agate is a stone of relaxation balancing Yin and Yang energies. It serves as stone for spiritual development.

Amazonite is used for communication, is connected to the fifth chakra and is associated with the heart and throat. It dispels negative energy, and improves confidence, leadership, and communication.

Amethyst is a meditative and tranquilizing stone. It is linked to the Third eye and the Crown chakra, by assisting intuition and spiritual connection.

Aventurine balances male/female energies and is said to attract abundance. It is linked to the Heart chakra and protects and heals the heart while giving the wearer a more positive outlook on life.

Botswana Agate is a soothing and relaxation stone. It is long said to aid the wearer in relieving emotional stress and depression.

Carnelian is an energizing stone linked to the Sacral chakra, and thus opens the wearer to new experiences, especially those of a creative nature.

Citrineis know as the 'success stone' and attracts prosperity. It is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra and helps increase motivation and confidence.

Fancy Jasper is a protecting stone and can protect the wearer from negative energy.

Fluorite is a stone that provides mental order and clarity. It is a great stone to use during meditation. With it's beautiful green and purple colors, it may be linked to the Heart and Third Eye chakras, respectively.

Garnet is the perfect stone for love. It attracts and keeps romantic love in one's life. It is linked to the Root chakra, which encourages a healthy physical love life. It is also a great stone for promoting creative energy

Howlite has a very calming energy. It helps quiet fretful thoughts, and comforts the wearer for mental rest or sleep.

Kyanite is a deep blue crystal. It is known for it's ability to bring the chakras into alignment. It is a stone bringing tranquility and calm, making it an excellent stone to assist in meditation.

Labradorite is a mindful stone for strengthening intuition and spiritual development. This 'transformation' stone helps raise self-awareness which will help bring serendipity and good luck to the wearer's life.

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone with golden flecks, linked to the Third Eye chakra, bringing intuition to the wearer. It is a powerful stone that was highly regarded by the Ancient Egyptians for being a stone of wisdom and truth.

Larvikite, also called Black or Blue Labradorite, is a protective and grounding stone. It repels negative energy and helps to increase our security in the strength of our own intellect.

Lava stone is a grounding stone and is unique as it is the only stone that comes from the center of the Earth. Due to it's porous properties, it has the ability to diffuse essential oils.

Malachite is a stone of transformation and balance, assisting in one's spiritual journey. Linked to the Heart chakra, this stone helps balance pure love, romance, and one's own well-being.

Mookaite is said to slow the aging process of the wearer. It is also a stone for travel, and new experiences. It is directly linked to the Sacral chakra. Given it's name from the Aboriginal word for 'running waters', this stone is only found in a remote area in Australia.

Moonstone is a powerful stone, helping the wearer connect to his/her intuition to make better decisions. It is a stone associated with love, of all kinds, and prosperity. It is also said to be a stone of protection during pregnancy, childbirth, and travel.

Moss agate is linked to the Heart chakra and is considered the most powerful of the agates. It is linked to nature and all things that grow. It is a great stone for new beginnings, or in times of need, giving you the strength for trying one more time. Moss agate is also a stone of wealth and abundance.

Obsidian is a natural glass made of volcanic lava cooled quickly. A stone of protection and strength, it was one the first stones to be used for arrowheads and knives. Obsidian will bring out the Warrior spirit in you.

Onyx is linked to the Root chakra and has served as a worry stone and material for rosary beads for centuries. Wearing onyx is said to soothe fears and worries, and help control overwhelming emotions.

Picasso jasper is a stone that brings stability in times of change, and helps renew old friendships. With it's many tones of orange, it is linked to the Sacral chakra and  is said to remind the wearer to celebrate life.

Pyrite is said to bring confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion, therefore, its a strong stone known to attract abundance and wealth.

Quartz crystal is very healing, it’s used to heighten the properties and benefits of other gemstones it is with. It also brings energy and clarity to any given situation.

Red jasper is a strong protection gemstone thanks to its red color, linked to the base chakra, it is said to absorb negative energy.

Rhodochrosite is stone for self love and healing. It assists in meditation in the intention of reaching joy, self-love and happiness.

Riverstone is an energizing stone, it is said to empower your spiritual self. It helps provide strength and energy to move through the process of making change.

Rose quartz is linked to the Heart chakra and is often called the "love stone".  It attunes you to universal love and helps you find love in yourself.

Serpentine is a protective stone, long used for meditation to clear any mental block you may have, as it is known to bring inner peace.

Sodalite is said to bring inner harmony and peace with it's deep blue color. It is also an aide for intuition, being linked to the Third Eye chakra.

Sunstone with it's sunshine-like shimmering colors is linked to assisting in healing of Seasonal Affective Disorder. This stone helps brighten your mood when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Smoky quartz is good for the wearer. It is said to block the radiation from cell phone usage. It is also good at dispelling all negative energy. It is a useful stone to wear or carry if you have to face a challenging situation.

Tiger's Eye is a stone used for protection, especially during travel. It is also very grounding. It is a stone known to enhance good luck, professional success, and to bring prosperity, often in the form of wealth.

Turquoise is directly associated with the Throat chakra. It represents knowledge and divine guidance. It helps you to verbalize what you mean to say with what is actually said.

Unakite is a grounding stone that balances emotions with spirituality. It aids in opening and activating the Third Eye chakra so the wearer is open to receive insights. It also helps in past life regression therapy. It helps promote a healthy reproductive system and is a good stone to wear during pregnancy.

Yellow jade is linked to the Solar Plexus chakra. With it's bright yellow color, it is said to bring joy and happiness to the wearer. This gemstone also helps in the control and power over one's life and is a great promoter of confidence.

*Please note that our gemstone meanings are meant to assist as a support in spiritual healing and in setting your intentions. This information is not meant to act as prescription or healthcare information.

How To Set Intentions With Gemstones