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The 5 Best Gemstones for Good Luck

Posted by Carolina Elias on

The 5 Best Gemstones for Good Luck

Which are the best gemstones for Good Luck? We get this question all the time, and its understandable, because sometimes we simply need a little bit of extra luck in our lives. There are times when nothing seems to be going well for us. When we are at a loss for how we can turn things around, we can turn to the mineral kingdom and find crystals and gemstones for good luck.

The idea of gemstones being able to help with bringing good luck to people has been around for a long time. People have believed that the specific energy signature of different types of gemstones had a certain type of effect on them.

These gemstones have been used since time immemorial and are still used today. Even by just wearing them, seeing how beautiful they are, and believing in their ability to bring good luck into your life, they will be able to play important roles in you having better luck with things.

We are going to go over the five best gemstones for good luck and their properties, so you can decide which one you would want to bring into your life.  You can get gemstones that are either raw, polished, or carved. Put them in your pocket, wear them around your neck/wrists/ankles, or have them displayed in your house. Having them close to your body is the best way to receive their benefits and be reminded of your intentions, so what better way than in the form of gemstone jewelry

Citrine: for wealth

Known as the Lucky Merchant's Stone, citrine is very helpful in manifesting good luck. This gemstone will be especially helpful for prosperity when it comes to finances and business. Its usual color is yellow, and just like the sun, it brings energy to you to perform a money-making task to completion and success.

Given that citrine transmutes energy, you can reverse bad luck and bring in good luck. With this gemstone in your life, you will likely begin to notice you understand how to make money more easily. You will be coming up with innovative and clever ways to attract abundance into your life. You will also feel more generous towards others when you wear citrine jewelry and find that when you give, you receive. 

citrine mala

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Amethyst: for relationships

Amethyst is a very popular gemstone which is more affordable than the rare citrine. It works as a great general purpose luck gemstone. It is usually purple, with darker hues being more powerful at bringing in good luck. You can sometimes find it as entire geode clusters, which look like dazzling crystalline gardens of good vibes.

If you are having a streak of bad luck, having some amethyst around will reverse that course of events and then start helping bring in good luck. As with citrine, it also can play a role in bringing more wealth into your life.

If you are having trouble at school and need some assistance, wearing amethyst jewelry while you are studying or taking an exam can be what it takes to help you out. You can even bring in good luck with your relationships. 

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Quartz Crystal

Although both citrine and amethyst are members of the quartz family of gemstones, clear quartz is an especially powerful amplifier of energy and good luck. Quartz Crystal is so powerful that they it is used in clocks and electronics.

You can boost the effectiveness of quartz crystal by programming it. What this means is that you can set an intention directed at the quartz crystal, which will then hold that intention for you and continuously radiate it out. When you do this, you can let this gemstone do much of the work in bringing in good luck, as long as you carry it around with you or on you, this is why quartz crystal jewelry is a good idea. 

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Green Aventurine

This green gemstone brings with it an abundance of opportunities, it is also called the "Stone of Opportunity". 

Since the name comes from the Latin word for chance, this is one that is more helpful in taking risks, be they small or great. If you are looking for good luck in other forms, you are better off with some of the other gemstones for good luck we mentioned earlier.

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Also known as Fool's Gold, because it used to sometimes be mistaken for real gold, pyrite is masterful at manifesting money and good luck. Bringing in financial prosperity, as well as good luck and abundance, is easier with pyrite by your side.

Given its shine like actual gold, people feel prosperous just looking at it. Its color is similar enough to the sun where you can feel more power to bring in good things and situations into your life. You will have more courage to make decisions in your life which pave the way for good luck to flow right in.

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Wrapping Up

There are many gemstones for good luck, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. We chose the ones we did because they are considered to be the most powerful and effective gemstones to bring in good luck into your life. Their colors range the color spectrum, meaning there is something for everyone to be drawn to. 

No matter what your life is looking like, you will find that these gemstones will be a welcoming helper to bring in some extra good luck. Even if your life is going really well right now, it can always better. Have one of these gemstones in your home, in your pocket, or adorning you, and notice the stream of good luck starting to flow into your life!

- This is not medical advice, the use of this advice is responsibility of the reader. We get this information from several Gemstone Encyclopedias.