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Top 3 Reasons to Wear Anklets

Top 3 Reasons to Wear Anklets

No other item of jewelry has the profound impact of anklets. Seen by many as a standard fashion accessory, anklets and their associated gemstones are now witnessing soaring popularity due to their bond with the earth’s energy and their ability to empower you.

The earth and its energy can be harnessed and channeled to provide your body and mind with a multitude of benefits that aid in living your best life. 

3 Reasons to Start Wearing Anklets

Anklets are no longer shrouded in sacred powers by evasive healers. Today, they play significant roles in reforming your relationship with the Earth while improving your bond with others around you. These are three fantastic reasons to start wearing anklets today!

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1. Absorption & Channeling of the Earth's Energy

As the gemstones in an anklet begin to harness the energy of the Earth, they then begin to guide that energy and distribute it within your body. This transfer of energy is not only key in improving your overall well being, but it also provides you with energy – especially in your heals and feet.

 Wearing a quartz crystal anklet, a garnet anklet, and an aquamarine anklet is a great idea because these gems are renowned for providing energy to the wearer and their ability to strengthen your inner self.
Peridot is well known as a stone for joy and well being. It is also said that it is a stone for focus and energy.

2. A Meaningful Path for Your Intentions

Everyday life can see you being pulled in all directions – often leaving you without a sense of self and lack of motivation. However, the energy provided by your gemstone anklet, or anklets will slowly begin to turn the tide and direct you towards your real intentions.

These intentions may be understanding what you truly value in life to how you can be of better service to yourself and those around you.

Adorn your ankles with gemstones that reach out and inspire you. Busy, day-to-day life will no longer hold you captive. Instead, you will be reminded to pursue life and everything it holds.


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3. Activate Your Full Beauty – Inside and Out

Our body has buttons. This concepts is explored in acupuncture, and massage therapy. The buttons in your ankle area are well known to increase our sense of sensuality and inner beauty. So wearing anklets stimulates your own sense of beauty bringing this beauty and sensuality outwards into your life.
Anklets immediately make the wearer feel more beautiful. This sense of self belief nurtures greater optimism for your day ahead and your future.

Turquoise, Citrine, and Amethyst are three exceptional gemstones that ward off anxiety and sadness, by instead promoting positivity and clarity to improve your immediate mood and overall outlook on life.

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Final Thoughts

Our daily life may sometimes culminate in us spending all of our collective energy on our job, commutes, family, and everything in between. A lifestyle such as this depletes energy and erodes confidence when measures are not put into place to protect them.

Wearing gemstone anklets has the power to reverse these fortunes, enabling you to foster positivity and love for yourself and those closest to you. Treat yourself and your loved ones to self-loving and soothing gemstone anklets!


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