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What are the Benefits of Wearing Mala Bracelets? Explained

mala bracelets

At Lovepray jewelry we specialize in Mala bracelets, we are the pioneers and original creators of the wearable mala bracelet. With a lifetime of creating and inventing different ways of wearing them, we should really take the time to explain to you why everyone should be wearing mala bracelets

Mala Bracelets - Malas

27 Bead Mala Bracelets
There are many benefits to wearing these meditation tools and we will go over them. How to use them, and the different types of mala bracelets and variations of the mala for you to better understand whats out there. 

Using Mala Bracelets for Focus

Even if you are not hardcore on meditation, mala bracelets are a great tool for concentration. Mala beads were originally created over a thousand years ago, to assist the wearer in prayer, they are a type of rosary, to count mantras. (A mantra is a devotional affirmation said out loud). Our mala bracelets have no religious connotation, and are worn by people all over the world of many different faiths. You can use this in your everyday life, in many occasions, be it during a long meeting, counting your mala beads in one hand under a desk will help you stay focused, when you are stuck in traffic, praying for a miracle, in a classroom, or an important phone conversation...

Using Mala Bracelets to Benefit From Gemstones and Set Intentions

At Lovepray jewelry we use the healing power of gemstones to set intentions. We make our mala bracelets with genuine gemstones for the wearer to benefit from them. Gemstones are made out of energetic material that will attract and repel different energies, depending on the gemstone. There are gemstones for love, healing, abundance, peace, some are directed to heal certain chakras, or all of them, etc... But the gemstone will not do all the work for us, it is important to set our intention, and ask for what we want in this world. An intention is a purpose or an aim. Setting your intention can be a simple thought before meditating, praying, or anytime of the day, that states what you are working for, and want to manifest in your life.

Using Your Mala Beads for Fashion

Fashion is moving towards a more conscious lifestyle. Our jewelry is made with cruelty free materials, in San Diego, in a studio with large windows, open view of beautiful trees, with a group of fun loving people who get paid fair wages, and love making your jewelry. Wearing our awesome mala bracelets, will make you feel good for supporting good business practices, and the good energy that is infused in all of our pieces. We are inspired by nature, urban fashion, and a certain oomph that characterizes each one of our styles, we have been copied endlessly, but you see our styles here first.

This is where the Fun begins!

Different Types of Mala Bracelets

Mala bracelets were created based on the original 108 bead count. There are full mala bracelets with 108 beads, half malas with 54 beads and quarter malas with 27 beads.

108 Bead Mala Bracelets

108 bead mala bracelets

Our 108 bead mala bracelets can be worn as necklaces too, they are stringed on our signature super thick high-tec elastic, exclusive to Lovepray jewelry. We are able to size our mala bracelets, for them to wrap the amount of times shown on the picture, we can adjust them to be 108 beads and fit a size small, medium and large wrist!

54 Bead Malas

Labradorite Mala Bracelet

Our 54 bead mala bracelets they contain 54 beads, they are worn wrapped on the wrist, they are lighter than the original 108. 

54 bead mala bracelet
We have 54 bead mala bracelets that can be worn as necklaces too. This style wraps 4 times on the wrist, it is available in 3 sizes, and can be worn as a necklace. It has been one of our most popular styles of all time! 

** The 27 Bead Mala

At Lovepray jewelry we invented the 27 bead wearable mala bracelet. A long time ago, our customers wanted their malas to have 27 beads and to fit their wrist... So we created the 27 bead mala bracelet to fit every wrist size. And then, we truly expanded... We have several collections of 27 bead Malas, to fit any lifestyle, this are it:

The Original Gemstone Mala Bracelets

african turquoise mala bracelet

Aromatherapy Mala Bracelets

aromatherapy mala bracelets

Our newest style: 27 bead delicate mala bracelets:

delicate mala bracelets

27 mala bracelets that can be worn as chokers too. mala bracelets that are also mala chokers

Find out why malas are based on the number 108 on our blog post "The Reason Behind 108 Beads in a Mala"  I think you will enjoy it!


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