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Mala Chokers

Mala chokers made with beautiful gemstones, and hand made Tibetan beads, they contain 27 beads therefore making them quarter malas.

Amethyst and Amazonite "Communication and Healing" Mala Choker


Red Tiger's Eye "Prosperity and Protection" Mala Choker


Garnet and Labradorite "Love and Serendipity" Mala Choker


Rose Quartz 'Love' Mala Choker


Lepidolite and Labradorite Mala Choker or Wrap Bracelet


Sodalite Mala Choker or Wrap Bracelet for Peace


Amethyst and Sodalite Mala Choker or Wrap Mala Bracelet for Healing


Pyrite Mala Choker or Wrap Bracelet for Strength


Howlite 'Calm' Mala Choker


Tiger's Eye Mala Choker or Wrap Bracelet for Prosperity


Black Tourmaline Mala Choker


Aquamarine Sunstone and Prehnite Mala Choker


Aquamarine Labradorite and Pearl Mala Choker


Labradorite Chain Choker


Our mala chokers are stringed on our signature hitech elastic and are super comfortable to wear as chokers, they also double as wrap bracelets!

They close at three different sizes corresponding to sizes small, medium and large on our wrap bracelet sizing chart.