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Renewal and New Beginnings: Gemstones for Channeling Spring's Energy

Renewal and New Beginnings: Gemstones for Channeling Spring's Energy

Every Spring is when the new year actually starts for me. When the new calendar year starts its usually way too cold, December 31 feels just the same as January 1... it really doesn't feel as if I am turning a page.

However, when Spring arrives... Drum roll, its different, because the sun comes out, everything is clear, and it feels like a new beginning, at least here in SoCal (some years). But how do we channel this new Spring energy into our lives? A great way is by using crystals and gemstones to channel this powerful and renewing energy. 

Wearing Gemstones for Spring Renewal and New Beginnings

As you already know gemstones are natural conductors of energy, with which we can set different types of intentions.

The gemstones that are widely known for renewal and new beginnings, are kyanite, howlite, aventurine, quartz crystal, and amazonite. Learn more about these beautiful gems, and start this Spring with the best energy with you and around you.

Kyanite is a beautiful deep sky blue stone known to give the wearer tranquility, and calm. Wearing kyanite jewelry is also known to align the chakras, and increase psychic abilities. It is one of the few stones that does not need to be cleansed, as it does not absorb negative energy. Kyanite carries a cleansing energy, to you and your surroundings, which is what makes it a wonderful stone for new beginnings.

Howlite is a white stone, known to reduce anxiety and stress. Wearing howlite is known to calm and soothe emotions, slow down an over active mind, and prepare the wearer for sleep. It is especially helpful for meditation. It is know clear the mind of clutter, and consequently of your life. Generally white stones are great to welcome spring, for their cleansing and mind decluttering properties.

Aventurine is a known as a stone for good luck. Its a great stone to start anything with. Wearing aventurine jewelry is known to bring good luck and also known to connect our intentions with our Heart, as is it directly linked to the heart chakra. Intentions that come from the heart are the best intentions, and the most likely to manifest into our lives.

Quartz Crystal with its magical shimmer, directs a great amount of energy into our environment, and body when worn. It is a cleansing energy, known to clarify the energy around us.

It is also known to amplify the power of the gemstones it is paired with. We love our quartz crystal jewelry collection because we love how elegant and dazzling it looks, yet its beauty is of nature, and its a genuine crystal that gives us this light. Its also the semi-precious birthstone for born under the Aries zodiac, and a great stone for Leo's to wear! 

Amazonite is directly linked to the Throat chakra. Our Throat chakra regulates our ability to express our desires. Do you sometimes want something but are too afraid to even voice it out? Well, that is what amazonite jewelry is here to help us do. Amazonite, is a beautiful and powerful stone, that is known to help us connect and align with our Throat chakra, so that we can set our intentions confidently.

We made a mala containing most of the gemstones in this list. Its our Renewal Mala Necklace, you can feel it's hopeful and energetic vibes.

Renewal gemstones mala


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